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SOULCALIBUR VI Update Ver. 2.30 Patch Notes

SOULCALIBUR VI: The following changes and improvements will be part of the Version 2.30 update available on December 1st for the PS4®, Xbox One, and Steam® versions.


Please note that after updating the game, replay data for older versions will no longer be viewable due to adjustments made to battle mechanics.


Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 13 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • DLC Pack 13 adds Hwang as a playable character.
  • Hwang will be available from December 2nd.
  • Hwang is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.


Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 14 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • DLC Pack 14 adds Character Creation Set F
  • Creation Parts Set F will be available on December 2nd.
  • Character Creation Set F is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.


Additional Creation Items (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following equipment will be added and available to all players.


[Seong Mi-na's creation parts from the previous titles]

  • Long Blade
  • Peony Headband
  • Peony Earrings
  • Peony Hair Accessory
  • Peony Tunic
  • Peony Armlets
  • Peony Wrap
  • Peony Socks
  • Peony Boots
  • Peony Undergarments


Additional Creation Items [Compensation] (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

As a means of apology for the issue of the rank points going back to the previous points in the STEAM version, The following creation parts will be available for everyone after installing this update.

*Apart from "Short Untidy", the following parts were gender exclusive parts but will be specially made applicable to both male/female characters this time.


(New parts for male characters)

  • Short Untidy


(Parts for male characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Partial Shadow Visor
  • Cyclone Earrings


(Parts for female characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Warlock's Tricorne
  • Destruction Mask
  • Strategist's Masquerade
  • Dvapara-Yuga
  • Redemption Long Stole
  • Destruction Necklace
  • Truth-Seeker Stola
  • Warrior's Prayer Beads
  • Raging Seas Wristband
  • Destiny Gloves
  • Cataclysm Gauntlets
  • Purge Gauntlets
  • Truth-Seeker Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Pauldrons


Additional Stages (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following stages will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Motien Pass Ruins


We will also add 4 arranged stages, which are time specific version of the following existing stages which change depending on time:

  • Shrine of Eurydice (Evening)
  • Master Swordsman's Cave (Evening)
  • Silver Wolves' Haven (Daytime)
  • Murakumo Shrine Grounds (Night)


Battle Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

A change will be made to prevent parts on the middle of the body getting destroyed with a specific input while Kilik is being soul charged.

*For details regarding the command, please see the "Kilik" section here.

An icon that indicates whether "Wind Bearer" is activated or not will be added to the battle screen display. Performance fixes and balance adjustments will be made for certain actions in battle.


Due to the balance adjustments, the contents of "Fighting Style Lessons" in "MUSEUM" will be updated.
*For details, please check here.


  • Additional Functions (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

Mitsurugi and Nightmare's new side stories will be added to "Story: Soul Chronicle".

*These stories will be unlocked after completing particular episodes.


The "5 bars "setting will be added to the "opponent's network condition" when selecting the matching condition in "RANKED MATCH".

  • In "RANKED MATCH" and "CASUAL MATCH", a player will be able to go back with the cancel button when selecting a menu during consecutive battles.
  • In "CASUAL MATCH", we will change the sound when entering rooms to make it more noticeable to players.
  • In "CREATION", a number will be displayed to the slider that adjusts the position of the sticker.
  • In "TRAINING", the health setting section will be added.
  • In "TRAINING", a player will be able to check the move list of the opponent's character.
  • In "TRAINING", an icon will be added to the move list menu.
  • In "TRAINING", the timing to start replaying the registered key record will become faster.
  • In "TRAINING", a player will be able to go back to "TRAINING" carrying over the data of the previous character and stage if a match is played from the standby setting.
  • In "TRAINING" and "REPLAY", "Command input history" will not disappear even if a player opens the pause menu. In "REPLAY", the display "To the Next Round" will not be erased even if the winner is decided in the round being played.
  • This change will be made to prevent players from knowing whether or not the match will end during the round.


Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Some text errors have been fixed.
  • Stability has been improved for certain actions, etc.



The settings of some creation parts will be changed to disable wearing them together with certain parts.
"Tiger Lily Gauntlets" will not added to Inferno's equipment lineup.

*While we try our hardest to avoid limiting possible customization options, we feel such a change is necessary to prevent character models from displaying incorrectly. We kindly ask for your understanding.


The "Wretch's Helmet" and "Harmit's Hood" can no longer be worn together.

*Since this is a combination that does not display both parts when worn together, the change will not affect the variations of appearance that can be created.


The settings of some stickers will be changed.

  • We will fix the issue that the sample image color and the default color of the sticker "Motif 115" are different.
  • We will fix the issue that changing the second color of the sticker "Motif 126" affects the color of the entire sticker.


The following issue will be addressed.
We will fix the issue that the appearance of the character's eyelids becomes unnatural when they wear "Pegasus Sallet".


BAN policies for players who violate the EULA (End User License Agreement)

We will enforce bans on players who have been confirmed to have violated the EULA that is agreed upon when they first play the game. Please note that players who are repeatedly reported to have violated the EULA are subject to the ban once we confirm such violation has actually taken place.


We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Release Date:

Two decades after its first iteration, SoulCalibur VI returns to its roots while bringing brand-new gameplay features to the fight.

Xbox One

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