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Here at Bandai Namco Entertainment, "More Fun For All Into The Future" is our corporate philosophy.

Together, we work hard to provide all kinds of entertainment for consumers across the world.

Our vision for this Mid-Term Business Plan Strategy is “Transnational Company creating value for consumers.” Connect with our customers and stay one step ahead of their needs; Prioritize creativity and quality above all else; These are the goals we have in mind as we take on this year’s new challenges.

We will strive to create quality content to ensure hours and hours of fun. Our journey has taken us from a single company centered on video games to a large-scale business that incorporates all forms of entertainment.

But we're not stopping here -- we will continue to move forward, one step at a time, evolving together with our customer base.



The best place to be in the industry

Find out why you should join the Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe family, in Lyon, France




Who are we?

Part of the Japanese Bandai Namco Group, a leader in the global entertainment industry, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe publishes and distributes video games and entertainment products in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Our group’s mission is to provide “more fun for all into the future” all around the world – with a goal to become the leading innovator in global entertainment.

Based out of our headquarters in Lyon (the culinary capital of France!) we’re responsible for such titles as PAC-MAN, SOULCALIBUR, TEKKEN and DARK SOULS…as well as new projects like LITTLE NIGHTMARES, TWIN MIRROR and THE DARK PICTURES.




We started out as a games company, but expanded our business to other forms of entertainment, and so Bandai Namco Games was renamed to Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2015.
Our company continues to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing world.

Our newest domain of business is Real Life Entertainment, focused on various live events and merchandise representing our IP. We're dedicated to creating a new type of fun of entertainment, made possible through cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas.

Our goal is to be the company which injects fun into everyday experiences, making people all around the world happier.

“More fun for all into the future” being our motto, we never stop in our quest to invent brand new ways to bring great entertainment into your life.

bandai namco new office lyon

Our core business

Our core business is dedicated to Marketing and Production of video games.

We design marketing strategies in coordination with local subsidiaries all around Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.
We work hand-in-hand with our Japanese and American peers to define our core marketing and production strategies.

Our Production department manages the development of our games together with external and in-house development studios or third-party publishers.




Our job opportunities

We’re always looking for recruits in the following areas:

Marketing & Sales
Product Management, Community Management, PR, Market Research, Business Analysis, Customer & Relationship Management, Digital, Key Account Management

Production and product support
Localization Project Management, Quality Control Project Management, Certification Project Management, Producer, Game Analysis

Support functions
Finance/Accounts, Human Resources, Legal, Creative, Manufacturing, Supply chain, IT, Facilities


We also have year-round opportunities for students!
We frequently hire trainees for Marketing/Sales (Digital, Product Management, e-CRM, Community Management, retail trade marketing, PR/Communication/Events, etc.), and occasionally for IT, Human resources, Production, Legal, Finance and Creative roles.

These are predominantly internships; however, apprenticeships or work-study contracts are more and more considered.

An internship at Bandai Namco Entertainment will provide global experience in an international company, where you’ll be guaranteed hands-on experience across a wide-range of functions in a fast-paced industry.

Nao Udagawa




President & CEO Message

“We want to connect with our fans around the world in deeper, wider, and more complex ways.”

Under Bandai Namco Group’s purpose, “Fun for All into the Future,” as set in the Midterm Vision, “Connect with Fans,” Bandai Namco Entertainment aims to connect with fans around the world through our portfolio of IPs (Intellectual property, such as characters and brands).

 In our first step with the new management structure, we have formulated a strategy for medium to long term growth based on the discussions with our fans, business partners, and other stakeholders like our employees in the previous year.

We will strategically carry out the optimized title portfolio covering all aspects of the game business which will be the main pillar for the current fiscal year. Furthermore, we will enhance the internal development function, and better align with external developers to build a more rigid development flow.

The entertainment space has limitless possibilities. We aim to deliver various forms of entertainment that exceeds the expectations of our fans under our 2 basic policies of “deep and lasting, quality content” and “diverse entertainment.”

We strive to deliver a new experience unique to Bandai Namco in both the digital and physical space to connect fans across the globe by taking advantage of the strengths of each Group companies.

Nao Udagawa

President & CEO

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.




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