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Park Beyond 3.0.0 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev team


Beyond the Depths - Theme World is being brought to you along with Patch 3.0.0, a major patch with new and splashy content for everyone, usability improvements and of course tons of bug fixes!

Water rides are now available for Park Beyond and as a gift, we are giving out the Log Fume coaster track type. Log Flume coaster comes with many adapted coaster modules from non-water coasters! Also check out the Turntable and the Waterfall module - which will give a unique experience for all water rides but also for the old track types. New content, several food and drink items have received fitting modifiers that will affect the needs of your visitors. Consumables can now have modifiers like spicy, refreshing, soothing, energizing or heavy.

To ease your placement and building experience pillars, fences, eaves and trims have now been categorized in the same way as walls, roofs and ceilings to make your desired building pieces easier to access. On top of that, the search function in the placement menu now also works for object tags.

With this patch you will also have an easier time finding the save game you are looking for as we have added live park thumbnails and the ability to add custom names to your save games.


Thank you all for your ongoing support and feedback! We hope you enjoy Patch 3.0.0 and have fun in Park Beyond!



  • Beyond the Depths DLC:
    • 2 new Sandbox maps: The Ancient Ruins, Grim Peninsula
    • 2 new Flat Rides
    • New theme with scenery objects, modular structures and animatronics
    • New shop, facility and decoration prefabs
    • New coaster type River Rapids
    • 2 new coaster modules: Waterwheel, Geyser
  • New coaster type Log Fume for everyone
  • 2 new coaster modules for everyone: Turntable, Waterfall
  • Mission maps can now be skipped and no longer need to be unlocked individually
  • Pillars, fences, eaves and trims are now categorized in the placement menu for an easier building experience
  • The search function in the placement menu can now find objects based on their tag
  • Save games now show the last state of the park as thumbnail and can be renamed
  • Visitors that are currently arriving or leaving the park no longer appear colored in heatmaps
  • Selected food and drink items now have effects on visitors: spicy food for example will make them thirsty, soothing drinks will alleviate nausea
  • Transportation rides have been rebalanced so their income, fun and amazement gain are referring to the actual amount of stations each visitor group will travel, instead of referring to visitors making a full round arriving back at the station they initially boarded 


  • Fixed a random crash on loading a save file
  • Fixed a random crash after some playtime
  • Fixed a crash on undoing a coaster on specific mission maps
  • Fixed a freeze on performing undo after deleting a coaster and adjusting the station size
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when accessing and waiving the community content browser continuously
  • Fixed a rare crash on selecting stuck visitors
  • Fixed a random crash that occurs randomly after loading an older save file
  • Fixed a random crash after placing a flat ride with automated path
  • Fixed a crash on deleting save files in an empty load menu 


  • Multiple performance improvements leading to more stable framerates
  • Improved performance for placement preview of any modular ride prefab especially with long track length
  • Improved performance related to supports and supports updating
  • Improved performance related to coaster adjustments
  • Improved performance around scenery objects containing audio like e.g. animatronics
  • Improved framerate when moving nodes in the ride editor
  • Optimized VFX effects
  • Optimized LODs and shadows settings
  • Loading time improvements
  • Fixed that frames drop heavily on moving a second station module around on Mission 05 

Modes and Missions 

  • Adjusted collision on Mission map ‘Sky is the Limit’ to improve the overall placement on the floating platforms
  • Adjusted snapping of assets on Mission map ‘Sky is the Limit’ to the anti-gravity floating platforms
  • Fixed that after selecting any asset via gamepad the 'Start Pitch Meeting' button is hidden and no longer accessible
  • Fixed team goal ‘Have 3 distinct impossified rides’ accomplishing on placing and impossifying the same flat ride
  • Fixed the challenge ‘Build and open at least 3 toilets inside the park’ accomplishing with only 2 toilets in the Exploration Park
  • Fixed that it is possible to interact with removed challenge stands when box selecting the area it was previously available
  • Fixed that challenge stands can be selected while attempting to create an object group
  • Fixed the team goal ‘Shooting star’ accomplishing before exiting the coaster editor mode of a coaster
  • Fixed the team goal ‘Let 50 visitors experience catastrophic failure’ accomplishing incorrectly
  • Fixed the team goal ‘Was there even any doubt’ accomplishing regardless of if the condition remains fulfilled over the requested period 

Mission 2 - Welcome to Cloudstormer 

  • Fixed that the object group editor stays active throughout mission 02 if it was activated before the pitch meeting
  • Fixed an incorrect tracked count displayed for the goal 'Build and open a flat ride that is relished or loved' 

Mission 3 - The Dawn of Impossification 

  • Fixed the spelling of ‘Slingshot’ 

Mission 4 - An Eye for Details 

  • Fixed the goals from Mission 04 ‘place 3 staff lounges’ counting incorrectly on loading saves from an older version of the game 

Mission 7 - Taken at the Flood 

  • Fixed the challenge ‘Use launcher module to tunnel through the mountain’ not accomplishing when the coaster station is placed on a different land extension on Mission 07
  • Fixed broadcast messages flickering during the intro and outro sequences
  • Fixed that one of Izzys lines is cut off during the pitch meeting in multiple languages 

Mission 7 - Taken at the Flood 

  • Fixed an issue where the antigravity platform is not available after loading into Milestone 1 of Mission 08
  • Fixed the optional goal "You've made my heart so full" not resetting on selection resulting in the goal immediately failing 

Sandbox Maps 

  • Fixed the goal display ‘Sell 10 impossified dogs’ to ‘deconstructed dog’ for sandbox map goals
  • Fixed the sandbox goals ‘impossify Flat Rides’ accomplishing with double impossifications on the same placed ride
  • Fixed offrail tracks not working on preplaced water body in any mediterranean sandbox map
  • Fixed that preplaced scenery cannot be moved properly on the desert map 'The Oasis'
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget – Theme World
    • Fixed that the chicken run ’Fun-Land Farms’ can display a checkerboard texture when zooming out
    • Fixed the 'Do you want to buy this land extension? It Costs $1' tooltip for non-purchasable land being displayed in the map ’Fun-Land Farms’ 


  • Removed redundant ‘Purge’ pop up while trying to place subscribed DLC prefabs consisting of a purgeable asset
  • Fixed the ‘Remove from Object Group’ option not being available for single objects within an object group
  • Fixed ‘Set as anchor location’ option not being available for object groups
  • Fixed cloned scenery assets adjusting size to the current placement setting
  • Fixed some rotation issues that occur with specific scenery objects
  • Fixed overview panels of assets being based on the first asset selected when containing purgeable DLC objects
  • Fixed collision behaviour being inconsistent for coasters, flat rides, shops and facilities during prevision placement
  • Fixed that rides, shops and facilities cannot be placed right on top of water bodies with a height of 0m
  • Fixed demolish mode waiving immediately after performing undo
  • Fixed objects vanishing from the map on selecting move and exiting the object editor
  • Fixed preview of preplaced objects snapping back to its default position after moving on specific maps
  • Fixed ‘move’ and ‘clone’ options missing for multiple Beyond eXtreme prefabs
  • Fixed that the object group editor mode is not triggered for objects that were previewed for placement while undoing
  • Fixed the station preview snapping on hovering over terraformed terrain
  • Fixed an incorrect ‘Area Locked’ message being displayed on the land fragment border while placing an object with Grid width to 1M and Grid Alignment to 'World' on owned land
  • Fixed land extension border not displaying for Tracks, Modules and Coaster elements if accessed after selecting the track placement icon
  • Fixed modular structures being out of bounds after undoing and simultaneously placing a cloned structure
  • Fixed background flickering on rotating 90° in the prefab creation panel on desert maps
  • Fixed that the automated path price is doubled but only the normal amount is refunded on performing undo
  • Fixed an issue that path and queue textures mismatch with the texture displayed in the thumbnail during initial placement of rides
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget
    • Fixed error message ‘Area Locked’ appearing incorrectly on trying to place water on owned land on the Fun-Land Farms sandbox map 

Scenery Objects and Modular Structures 

  • Added the ‘tree’ tag to the banana plants scenery objects
  • Scenery objects are now affected by the time scale
  • Set correct sets for truss pillar modular set
  • Removed some duplicate scenery and modular objects from the placement menu
  • Fixed multiple LOD issues on scenery objects
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnails for a few scenery objects
  • Fixed broken armillary idle animation
  • Fixed certain modular structures not triggering the object group editor mode on placement 

Flat Rides 

  • Colour customization fixes for the platforms of multiple flat rides
  • Adjusted the default ticket fee for the impossified ‘Castle Siege’ Flat Ride since that was set too high
  • Fixed that the ride animation of a flat ride continuing after undoing its deletion
  • Fixed that the ride status remains closed on connecting an exit path containing of more than one path segment
  • Fixed the ‘Area Locked!’ error message appearing on placing Flat rides near the borders on certain maps 

Shops and Facilities 

  • Fixed that there is a duplicate shop attractor after multiselecting and moving more than one impossified shop
  • Fixed attractors lacking collision with other game assets
  • Fixed that the impossified version of a shop is cloned instead of its base version
  • Fixed that the incorrect refund amount is added to the wallet on performing undo after replacing any shop
  • Fixed undo and redo not working on relocated shop attractor 


  • Generally improved camera and track placement behavior when using gamepad
  • Adjusted the hook ‘Acrophobia’ to also complete with a height of exactly 10 meters
  • Added theme tags to coaster prefabs
  • Fixed an issue with gamepad that pushes each newly placed track lower than the previous one
  • Fixed the hook of the 'Hammerhead Kiss' prefab fails to satisfy by default
  • Fixed an issue with the calculated default fee prices for coasters with low throughput: coasters with few cars and long coasters will have a higher default fee now to ensure they are profitable
  • Fixed the elevator module having issues with split trains
  • Fixed the spring module resulting in stuck coaster cars
  • Fixed that there are two different failure statements when cars of the same train stop at different station modules
  • Fixed transportation rides running and declining in maintenance despite having no visitors after loading a community map
  • Fixed that it is possible to place coaster prefabs on top of each other
  • Fixed that coasters do not show an error message on placing them very far below the terrain
  • Fixed that only a limited number of cars can enter the catapult module when placed at an inclined angle
  • Fixed that coasters are missing their operator after construction
  • Fixed the status of coasters switching to ‘Closed’ after performing undo after moving the station
  • Fixed that coaster tracks can be placed under water without any error message being displayed
  • Fixed an issue with the spring module on performing undo and redo during track placement
  • Fixed that it is difficult to select the coaster prefab ‘Hammerhead Kiss’ after placing it near the map boundary
  • Fixed track placement preview snapping randomly to one direction every time after placing a track segment
  • Fixed that the test train is stuck in a loop after changing the launch direction to backward and the train pass number to more than zero
  • Fixed the train snapping back to the primary station when a wind tunnel is used between two station modules
  • Fixed coaster test details being incorrect after editing a coaster or after save and load
  • Fixed car lift module options ‘reset after use’ resetting after save and load
  • Fixed that it is not possible to construct a coaster with exactly 1500$ crash due to a rounding issue
  • Fixed that a coaster with exactly 200-meter length isn’t validated due to a rounding issue
  • Fixed the ‘Tracks are too long’ error message triggering at max length track placement
  • Fixed the car getting stuck at the elevator module when it is connected to any of the two- or three-way fork
  • Removed the non-functional switch direction setting from the filter module
  • Fixed the zoom while in car & train settings panel
  • Fixed an incorrect text displayed in the hook status section for ‘Projectile Experience’
  • Fixed an issue where the car lowered by the 'Car Lift' fails to collide with the cars passing through the bottom node of the module
  • Fixed that there are no costs on modifying a coaster after invoking and waiving the pause menu during track placement
  • Fixed the node of the elevator module not moving along in precision mode
  • Fixed that the 'Place Module' panel doesn't scroll automatically to show the selected scalable module during placement
  • Fixed an incorrect error message being displayed when the train enters the end node of the Cannon
  • Fixed supports not moving correctly when moving pieces attached to modules that split the train
  • Fixed an issue with split trains that wait in an incorrect position right before entering the elevator module 
  • Beyond eXtreme – Theme World
    • Fixed the spring module bouncing off at a distance for wide coasters
    • Fixed color customization for the wide coaster platform
    • Fixed that the preview of the paraglide course track are invisible on initial placement of prefabs 
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget – Theme World
    • Added a tooltip video to the catapult module
    • Fixed the catapult module having issues with split trains
    • Fixed the information in the test detail panel when a coaster train enters the catapult module with high speed
    • Fixed the rocket from the rocket booster module being placed incorrectly on a train moving backwards
    • Fixed an issue in which trains would get stuck on the Cannon and Elevator if the backward rocket booster is placed before them
    • Fixed colour customization not working for Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget cars 

Community Content 

  • Fixed the asset available under ‘featured mods’ section not working in community content tab
  • Fixed the settings ‘close rides and facilities’ not working on loading into community maps after enabling it 
  • Fixed some words showing up in the wrong language while downloading community park content 

Park Management 

  • Removed terraforming costs row in financial overview since it does not cost cash anymore
  • Added new help screens for park expansion, undo/redo, decoration and fees
  • Added new tips for ATMs, Ride Fees, Updating Ride Fees, Ride Creativity and Job Efficiency
  • When paying off a loan, the replay duration now stays the same but the monthly repay rate is reduced instead
  • Fixed an issue that displays an incorrect lab expansion number after unlocking the first expansion
  • Fixed that coaster prefabs are placeable without previously unlocking the required modules from Sofia’s Lab
  • Fixed that under certain conditions is it impossible to unlock new lab expansions on loading saves from an older version of the game 


  • Added error message on adding water over a coaster that is placed in a cavity
  • Fixed that the error message ‘No cavity Available’ is displayed while adding water to carved ground
  • Fixed an issue in which the terraforming brush disappears on and under certain scenery objects
  • Fixed preplaced water not reappearing after undoing its deletion
  • Fixed error message 'No cavity available’ triggering on hovering the cursor close to terraformed terrain
  • Fixed that placing water in a cavity around or near another cavity removes water from the other one
  • Fixed the terrain deforming due to flat ride placement not restoring properly after performing undo
  • Fixed the painting brush not working anymore after clicking left mouse button while painting the terrain
  • Fixed that the terraformed terrain doesn’t restore after deleting any Ride 


  • Changed ‘search for a staff lounge’ energy values for all staff members: they will now search for a staff lounge as intended when they reach 20% energy level
  • Improved the selection on entertainers with bigger costumes
  • Added descriptions and hints for staff duties
  • Fixed that fired staff still received salary until they leave the park
  • Fixed staff agents stopping to execute duties as soon as they start looking for a staff lounge 


  • Fixed visitors puking outside of the park entrance
  • Fixed visitors that have the ‘critical nausea’ status effect constantly re-enter toilets
  • Fixed visitors standing in queue snapping after closing a ride
  • Fixed visitors teleporting to the main station queue on closing a transportation ride
  • Fixed a case in which visitors can board transportation rides from the wrong station 


  • The scenic mode no longer gets aborted when a park level pop up appears
  • Updated Tips and helpscreens to reflect the current path placement behaviour to ignore terrain
  • Removed a wrong description from ‘Reach Park Level’ sandbox goals
  • Adjusted the titles of DLCs displayed in the main menu, to properly reflect the Titles of the DLCs
  • Added tooltips for the ‘reset to default’ and ‘auto’ buttons
  • Removed non-functional ‘rotate 90 degrees’ button callout displaying while in prevision placement mode
  • Removed non-functional height adjustment button callouts being displayed when cycle prevision is activated during placement preview
  • Outage notification will disappear when the linked structure experiences a maintenance failure, and only pop up again if no one is maintaining the structure while it's getting used by visitors
  • Removed non-functional button callouts when any placements are made with precision tool
  • Fixed ‘toggle details’ button binding inconsistencies in the staff management screen using gamepad
  • Fixed the description displayed in the tooltip for ticket fee for all rides
  • Fixed the word ‘Points’ being displayed as ‘Paints’ in the tips section about entertainer points
  • Fixed the overview panel not triggering on waiving the move or clone option while in placement preview
  • Fixed that the path placement panel is closed upon performing undo and redo
  • Fixed that the price tooltip disappears while navigating past the boundaries of existing land segments
  • Fixed an issue from the 'Save Failed' pop up that selecting "OK" doesn't respond under certain conditions 


  • Fixed shadow flickering when moving the camera far away
  • Fixed assets jittering on moving the camera during placement preview using gamepad
  • Fixed camera snapping on the tracks when in prevision mode while placing any coaster element
  • Fixed that the camera doesn’t move on selecting ‘Go to Location’ from the visitor panel while they are in a ride 


  • Fixed audio occlusion option not showing restart required message
  • Fixed that the audio of NPC commentary keeps playing after disabling it in the options settings
  • Fixed the ‘Colour Vision Deficiency’ filter not being applied to scenic mode
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget
    • Fixed the option ‘Contact shadows’ failing to reflect on the sandbox map Fun-Land Fiesta 


  • Added missing lights to several flat rides
  • Added the paraglider parachute to the Mantaray car style
  • Improved visuals to the rocket module when used with a wide coaster
  • Fixed some lights for the Bubbly Balloons flat ride
  • Fixed the animation for specific ghost car styles failing to trigger during its ride animation
  • Fixed that some cars do not open and close their doors while at the station
  • Fixed that the paraglider of the blue Pac-Man car doesn’t open
  • Fixed wooden coaster struts for intersection module appearing upside down
  • Fixed visual flickering on eyebrows during the pitch meeting in Mission 05
  • Fixed the VFX of maintenance failures and outages being barely visible on coaster stations

Xbox Series X|S Visuals 

  • Fixed an issue on Xbox Series X|S in which pitch meetings would randomly flash dark


Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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