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Park Beyond 2.4.0 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev team

We are starting 2024 with a fitting Patch 2.4.0! This patch comes with a long list of bug fixes, improvements and a small content addition on all platforms. With this patch, communication around ride connectivity has been improved, UI communication for rides not being reachable by visitors has been improved and visitors will now give you a clear visual indication when they are stuck in your park with no way to reach their goal. Look for the waving arms! On the staff side, staff members who are out of energy and not able to reach a Staff Lounge to rest can now also be distinguished easier in your park.

We are happy to also include important performance improvements to the PC version of Park Beyond, that will allow you to enjoy your huge parks with thousands of visitors even more!


We thank you for your ongoing support and valuable feedback and look forward to 2024 with you!



  • Added the Dragon Siege Coaster prefab
  • "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World
  • Added additional animatronics to the Park Entrance prefab
  • Improved snapping of archways to paths



  • Fixed a crash when deleting a specific set of trees on the Nature Heaven Sandbox Map
  • Fixed a crash on performing Undo after moving the Monorail Coaster on the Fun-Land-Farm Sandbox Map ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )
  • Fixed a game freeze on impossifying Flat Rides on maps from "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World
  • Fixed a crash when placing an impossified Monorail Coaster prefab from Community Content
  • Fixed a crash on moving a Flat Ride or Coaster into the dust cloud and selecting Undo after it is destroyed by the parking lot in Mission 8 - Top of the World
  • Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive when a help screen triggered while in Scenic Mode
  • Fixed a crash that randomly occurred while using the ride camera
  • Fixed a crash that can occur during water placement or deletion
  • Fixed several rarely occurring crashes



  • Implemented several improvements to save memory
  • Optimized several effects and VFX
  • Optimized the coaster simulation
  • Fixed compression of terrain sculpting history sometimes causing frame spikes


Save & Load

  • Improved loading of unlocked lab expansions when loading a save game to ensure newly added content also gets unlocked
  • Fixed the autosave not working correctly when returning to the main menu after disabling the autosave frequency setting in the Options
  • Fixed disabled "Turn on lights at night" option state not being saved correctly
  • Fixed an Exit path status being loaded incorrectly in certain save games of Mission 7 - A Tale of Two Theme Parks
  • Fixed multiple instances of challenge stands having incorrect tracking text after loading a save from an older version of the game



  • Added a help screen for staff orders in Mission 4 - An Eye for Details
  • Fixed a shop disappearing while moving and placing it after a goal completion in Mission 2 - Welcome to Cloudstormer
  • Fixed a vision spark goal not being accomplished correctly in Milestone 3 of Mission 4 - An Eye for Details
  • Fixed appearances of Henchmen groups of more than four in Mission 6 - Taken at the Flood
  • Fixed a team goal in Mission 6 - Taken at the Flood being accomplished incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to place objects inside of Hemlock's parking lots in Mission 8 - Top of the World
  • Removed Sweet Vending Machine from Beyond eXtreme Mission 1 - Multiples of Mayhem
  • Added detailed information regarding the impossified hook for the main goal in Beyond eXtreme Mission 1 - Multiples of Mayhem
  • Fixed an incorrect reward being provided when accomplishing a team goal in Beyond eXtreme Mission 1 - Multiples of Mayhem
  • Fixed certain coaster types not being available in Beyond eXtreme Mission 1 - Multiples of Mayhem
  • Restart From Last Checkpoint Milestone saves for missions now display the correct Milestone information



  • Improved and updated several areas of the Exploration Park
  • Fixed a piece of the park entrance path missing in the The Meander Sandbox map
  • Fixed impossified shops still having an upkeep when the Sandbox setting Upkeep is set to None



  • Placement is now aborted when the pause menu is opened
  • Fixed the object preview not reflecting the actual size of the randomized scale when the setting is active
  • Fixed the object limit for object groups being set to the wrong amount
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to place objects above and below the maximum placement heights
  • Fixed the supports of Flat Rides and Coasters disappearing when increasing the height above a certain threshold
  • Fixed objects getting stuck in custom rotation preview when invoking Precision mode or grid alignment during rotation
  • Fixed placement options being missing on certain prefabs
  • Fixed old prefab tags becoming available after creating an object group consisting of a prefab shop while creating a new custom prefab
  • Fixed benches and trash cans being affected by previously set scaling options
  • Fixed benches, trash cans and entertainment points not snapping to the grid width
  • Fixed multiple instances in which flat rides throw the “Area locked” error message when placing them around the owned border of certain maps
  • Improved icon creation when creating prefabs



  • Improved the update of path supports when connecting a new segment to an existing path
  • Fixed several collision issues with paths
  • Fixed visual artifacts on paths
  • Fixed an issue that created split paths under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to select paths over water surfaces
  • Fixed Flat Rides being placeable under water
  • Eased placing paths beneath or above other paths, especially when placing grounded paths below suspended paths or vice versa
  • Fixed litter not properly updating when changing a suspended path include due to intersections
  • Fixed that it is not possible to properly connect a path starting from the park entrance when the first segment is deleted



  • Visitors will now go for the shop with the shorter queue if two instances of the same shop are nearby
  • Improved usage of transport rides; transport rides that have been rejected due to "Full queue" or "Waiting time too long" will not be ignored when evaluating transport rides for future routes anymore
  • "Fee too High" rejections will still disqualify transport rides for the rest of the visit of an individual group of visitors
  • Improved behavior of visitors getting in a situation where they are not able to reach their goal
  • Added a need filter for visitor thoughts in the visitor detail panel
  • Fixed visitor queue reactions not looping
  • Fixed running visitors stopping for watch entertainer performances
  • Fixed visitors not starting to run when leaving a transportation ride when they should
  • Fixed visitors continuing to board a coaster even after the coaster had a maintenance failure
  • Fixed visitors walking outside of paths to interact with objects that have been moved
  • Fixed an issue that visitors constantly switch between two nearby shops with the same preference
  • Visitors no longer leave the queue after impossifying a ride



  • Staff members who are out of energy and not able to reach a staff lounge can now be distinguished easier both in UI and in the park
  • Added new effects to the entertainer Elf costume (High Fantasy)
  • Fixed staff agents interrupting other duties when a coaster needs maintenance
  • Fixed staff agents walking off paths after a staff lounge gets relocated
  • Fixed mechanics incorrectly maintaining a Flat Ride or Coaster when the ride's maintenance is 100% when issuing a staff order
  • Fixed occurrences of misaligned equipment during duty performances on impossified Janitors
  • Fixed staff not visiting a staff lounge if their energy level reaches zero on their way



  • Fixed the "Seeking ATM" not accurately representing the visitor needs


Flat Rides

  • Improved communication of connection requirements on Flat Rides to easier understand if the ride can be reached by visitors
  • Added the "Beyond Seas" tag to the Pirate Ship Flat Ride
  • Fixed color customization not working on Dragon Siege Flat Ride
  • Fixed that the maintenance failure VFX not appearing for the FunLand Fiesta Flat Ride, Coop Loop Flat Ride and their respective impossifications ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )



  • Improved communication of connection requirements on Coasters to easier understand if the ride can be reached by visitors
  • Changed the default music of the wooden and monorail coaster
  • Improved the visuals of wooden coaster struts on inversions
  • Fixed issues with the elevator causing car teleportations and simulation inconsistencies
  • Fixed an issue where if the docked train returned to the station from the front, incoming trains that would be merged with it were being attached to its back and snapped there instead of being attached to the front causing the carts to randomly shuffle
  • Fixed issues with the prefabs Stairways of Seven and Dangerous Crossings
  • Fixed the Drop Connector module not snapping to a previously placed track due to collisions on the Wide Coaster
  • Fixed the possibility to place a prefab coaster outside of the playable area
  • Fixed opening conditions not being fulfilled for the Dangerous Crossing coaster prefab
  • Fixed the number of cars on the station exceeding the set limit when the coaster station is resized for one car after a crash
  • Fixed the train not derailing when reaching an Elevator module with too high speeds under certain conditions
  • Fixed the Paraglide Course track module falsely transforming into an Off Rail track module on selection under certain conditions
  • Fixed the Paraglide Course track module being height adjustable above its height limitation under certain conditions
  • Fixed the height of the Windtunnel module changing inconsistently while adjusting the height and waving the placement
  • Fixed the wings of the train not retracting correctly under certain conditions
  • Fixed supports of the Station module being misaligned when rotating the station during placement preview
  • Fixed the Elevator module being visually deformed after placing it within a Wooden coaster
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to place an impossified Monorail coaster after saving it as a custom prefab
  • Fixed the ghost train getting stuck at the exit node of the Elevator module without failing the coaster test when the track is connected to the module in reverse
  • Fixed the possibility to change the pitch for the Paraglide Course under certain conditions
  • Fixed car colors returning to default when selecting a different car style
  • Fixed that monorail coaster tracks appear deformed on zooming out
  • Fixed an issue in which visitors were not boarding transportation rides after loading
  • Fixed an incorrect speed limit being displayed for the Free-Fall Ramp module when placing it with a Flying coaster (Beyond eXtreme DLC)
  • Fixed the end node track of the Catapult module disappearing when increasing the end node height ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )
  • Fixed the rocket of the Rocket Booster module having an incorrect position on certain coaster types (C "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )
  • Fixed the catapult module not having a maximum train speed limit when the train arrives at the module ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )
  • Fixed the placement settings "Automated Exit Path" and "Supports" missing for the Chicken Escape coaster prefab ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )
  • Increased the spacing between the Scrapyard Coaster supports (C "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )


Shops & Facilities

  • Removed shop icons from vending machines
  • Fixed the animations of the vendor sometimes not working correctly


Scenery Objects

  • Improved collision of volcano



  • Removed the cost for terrain sculpting and painting
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to multiselect water planes
  • Fixed pre-placed water being removed when using the Terrain Painting brush around the water body
  • Fixed the highlight of a water plane remaining after waiving the demolition
  • Fixed the terraforming action staying activated when opening the Pause menu and Scenic Mode while sculpting terrain
  • Fixed undesired sharp edges on water planes
  • Fixed water disappearing under certain conditions when using undo/redo
  • Fixed that sometimes water bodies do not update unless more terraforming is done


Sofia's Lab

  • Sorted content inside lab expansion so it's easier readable
  • Added Funland Pendulum to the Chicken Run Theme lab expansion (in addition to Profitability lab expansion)


Community Content

  • Improved thumbnail quality of shared prefabs - applicable for new/re-shared prefabs
  • Fixed unsubscribed community maps appearing back in the Save/Load menu in certain cases
  • Fixed several issues with community maps containing objects from unowned DLCs
  • Fixed prefabs becoming disbanded upon loading into a community map
  • Fixed subscribed and installed prefabs not dynamically updating after logging out of Community Content


Help Center

  • Added additional gameplay tips
  • Updated several help screen images/videos
  • Fixed "Staff Orders" help screen not having a French variation of the image in the first panel


Color Customization

  • Fixed multiple objects not working correctly with color customization



  • Fixed undo/redo not working after performing undo and redo on a coaster that was saved as a blueprint twice



  • Fixed camera focus being lost under certain circumstances when zooming out
  • Fixed that the camera focus point can be moved during impossification


Scenic Mode

  • Fixed the Scenic Mode being accessible through an unwanted key combination



  • Removed the sidebar from the gamepad/controller interface
  • Fixed an issue where certain Sandbox settings could not be accessed with gamepad/controller
  • Fixed an issue that caused the focus to remain both on an overview panel of an object group and the radial menu in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to move or rotate the camera in Scenic Mode when activating the mode while in Park Management via gamepad/controller
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to increase/decrease the height of the selected module without moving it in the coaster editor



  • Improved UI of the tips section in the Help Center
  • Fixed an issue with Side Character texts in certain missions becoming unreadable due to text size changes
  • Fixed certain tags missing for Beyond Seas scenery objects
  • Fixed certain tooltips not disappearing when switching to Impossification mode during placement
  • Fixed the resolution being set from highest to lowest when resetting the options to default
  • Fixed error messages not being displayed correctly when trying to move a terraforming brush to an unowned land segment
  • Fixed corrupted icons on thumbnails for the Wooden Coaster car style "Air & Sea"
  • Fixed the screen turning white during a cutscene in Mission 2 - Welcome to Cloudstormer under certain conditions
  • Fixed the highlighter missing on certain pop-up options
  • Fixed incorrect icons being displayed for the painting brushes in the "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World Sandbox maps
  • Fixed that the staff lounge occupied notification is triggering multiple times
  • Fixed the park entrance icon being displayed when selecting specific panels while in land expansion mode



  • Fixed the "Reset to Default" option not reverting some settings correctly



  • Fixed multiple LOD issues on objects from the new High Fantasy and "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World theme
  • Fixed occasional issues with impossification outlines
  • Fixed "Turn on lights at night" setting lacking functionality for car styles from the Coaster Car Set



  • Fixed an issue with "Invalid Terraforming" feedback playing at the wrong time
  • Fixed few occurrences of out-of-sync subtitles and voice overs



  • Fixed some occurrences of wrong censoring of words


PC Performance

  • Overall improved performance on PC


Save & Load

  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to activate multiple team goals when loading a save game from an earlier version on a save game that already had a team goal active


Community Content

  • Fixed the profile not updating to the current Steam user on changing the active Steam account in some cases



  • Fixed the "Reset to Default" option changing the display mode from borderless to full screen


PS5 Stability

  • Fixed a rare crash on placing a Flat Ride after accomplishing three vision spark goals in Mission 3 - The Dawn of Impossification


Xbox Series X|S Stability

  • Fixed a rare when quitting and restarting the game after the Pitch Meeting in Mission 6 - Taken at the Flood
  • Fixed a rare crash on attempting to place the Catapult module in the Canvas of Creativity Sandbox map ( "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget" - Theme World )



  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to access the right side of the HUD while in the search bar of any placement overview panel


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