Patch Notes

Park Beyond 2.3.1 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev team

Hotfix 2.3.1 comes with a list of several important fixes to help you enjoy the recently released Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget DLC and High Fantasy theme from Patch 2.3.0 even more! We resolved multiple occurrences of Flat Rides becoming disconnected after impossification, especially on save games from before 2.3.0.

As a bonus, we added a new coaster prefab for the new Wooden Coaster Track Type - Dragon Siege!


Thanks a lot for your support and have fun in Park Beyond



  • Added the Dragon Siege Coaster Prefab


  • Fixed a crash on undoing an action after moving any 'Open' Coaster with at least 1 module in the Fun-Land Sandbox map

Save & Load

  • Fixed an issue with Flat Rides losing their connection when a Flat Ride is impossified on old save games before 2.3.0


  • Fixed the difficulty level in the campaign reverting back to default when restarting the game

Sandbox Maps

  • Fixed a visual glitch on the terrain of the Fun-Land Sandbox map


  • Fixed that staff no longer perform any duty on a certain energy level if no lounges are placed nearby

Flat Rides

  • Fixed an issue where certain Flat Rides became disconnected after impossification
  • Fixed the maintenance failure VFX not being displayed on the "Riding Drake" ride and its impossification


  • Fixed the "Train Pass Time" station setting not working which resulted in coasters running indefinitely
  • Changed the default music of the wooden and monorail coaster
  • Fixed an issue with coasters in showcase mode even though they were closed when loading a game from the coaster editor
  • Fixed the hook "What Just Happened?" being accomplished on a coaster with the station size of 1
  • Fixed the exit gate of a station being misaligned with the exit path
  • Fixed the exit of a coaster being re-created when undoing the movement of a coaster


  • Fixed the cursor snapping back to a different node when placing a new node in the coaster editor
  • Fixed a focus loss when placing a path from the Chicken Run theme and returning back to the placement panel
  • Fixed the focus not appearing on the 'Welcome to Park Beyond' pop up when starting the game without any save games


  • Fixed the flickering on the sides of paths and railings


Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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