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Park Beyond 2.5.0 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev team

In Patch 2.5.0, we are adding 14 new animatronics for all players across the base themes of Park Beyond to help you further bring your park to life! As a small improvement to your staff, they will now react more spontaneously to duties when roaming the park, and of course we fixed some additional bugs on top.


Thanks a lot for your support and have fun in Park Beyond!



  • Added 14 new Animatronic Scenery Objects
  • Staff agents now perform spontaneous duties while roaming the park


  • Fixed a crash on accessing the community content after multiple login and logout attempts 
  • Fixed a crash on accessing the ‘Share’ panel of any prefab for the second time  

Community Content 

  • Fixed that only 100 contents are displayed under the collection tab 
  • Fixed that the error message “An unknown error occurred” is displayed for shared prefabs in collection tab during its installation
  • Fixed multiple words being incorrectly censored as foul language 


  • The option menu is now upwards and downwards wrapped: when pushing down on the bottom most element the selection highlight wraps to the topmost item, and when pushing up on the topmost element the selection highlight wraps to the bottom most item. 
  • ‘Twitter’ is now displayed as ‘X’ in the main menu 
  • Fixed an issue where the coaster editor panels and windows overlap with one another 
  • Replaced a wrong image display in the ‘Staff Order’ Help screen 
  • Replaced a wrong image display in the ‘Transport Rides’ when using gamepad 
  • Fixed modular ride stats sometimes displaying a broken symbol on anything higher than a five-star rating 
  • The notification ‘There are visitors stuck...’ now disappear after the condition is no longer fulfilled 
  • Fixed the “recently added” not being accessible under certain conditions on using gamepad  
  • Fixed that it is not possible to scroll through the description when creating a community park or prefab 


  • Fixed items being wrongly attached to visitors after finishing their animation 
  • The negative thought “We didn't have the opportunity to indulge ourselves in buying impossified items” is now only appearing if the visitor group was very happy  
  • Removed opinions on “reasonable fees” for items and rides 
  • Removed the demographic split for the “...spent plenty of time enjoying the rides’ opinion 


  • Fixed the staff entertainer headgear being invisible when equipping a different crew costume  


  • Adjusted error message when connecting more than one queue to an intersection to be more clear

Flat Rides 

  • Adjusted the Castle Siege Flat ride ticket fee since it was lower than its base version 
  • Adjusted the Jet Hunter Flat ride ticket fee since it was lower than its base version (DLC: Beyond eXtreme) 


  • Fixed that multiple scenery objects on certain maps cannot be selected and isn't removed on placement
  • Fixed that the rotate left and right options have no functionality in the editor panel for user created prefabs 


  • Fixed the shop attractor being non-functional after moving the shop 
  • Fixed the shop maintenance resetting on performing undo and redo 

Modes and Missions 

  • Fixed multiple instances of challenge stands appearing after loading a save if they have been previously removed from the map  
  • Challenge stands no longer select an object in the environment along with it 
  • Goals and challenges to ‘build and open’ something in a specific area now no longer complete after save and load for moved structures and rides 
  • Challenge stands with ‘build and open’ no longer accomplish after undoing a deleted asset that was previously moved 
  • Fixed the tracking of the challenge stand “Earn cash via park Entry Fees” not updating dynamically in the Exploration Park 
  • Fixed the Sandbox Goals "Impossify Flat Rides" accomplishing on impossifying a flat ride twice, then placing the same flat ride again and impossify it just once 

Mission 01 

  • Fixed that the Cannon module placement being blocked at the Heli pad if the landing part is colliding with the terrain 

Mission 03 

  • Fixed goals incorrectly updating on performing undo after shop impossifications 
  • Fixed the “Place and open a Soft Drink Shop on this Plateau and impossify it” challenge stand not fulfilling reliably  
  • Fixed that the optional goal “Eight wonder” does not accomplish on placing a modular ride prefab to fulfill the condition  

Mission 05 

  • Fixed the “Have 2 impossified food shops on this island” challenge stand not accomplishing after moving shops from another area 
  • Fixed certain challenges ‘build and open’ not accomplishing after performing undo and redo of the placement and then opening the ride afterward on Mission 03 
  • Fixed some flickering on eyebrows during the pitch meeting  

Mission 07 

  • Fixed the “Build and open a roller coaster that tunnels through this mountain” challenge stand not accomplishing after fulfilling the condition 
  • Fixed the “Build a roller coaster that uses a ramp module” challenge stand not accomplishing after fulfilling the condition 
  • Fixed that the notification ‘lab expansion can be unlocked’ appears when all available expansions are already unlocked 
  • Fixed a rare case in which the "Have 3 distinct impossified rides" is not updating correctly 


  • Fixed an issue in which the focus switches to the background during “Multiples of Mayhem” after entering the ride editor  
  • Adjusted balancing for the “Collect tips from daredevils” on specific choices for “eXtreme animatronics” during the “Festival of Fearless” pitch meeting


Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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