SOULCALIBUR VI - Project Soul Panel Session - EVO 2019

12 February 2019

Date & Time:

February 16th 2019 (Saturday) 15:00-17:00



FUKUOKA CONVENTION CENTER 502 (5F International Conference Rooms)


Entrance Fee : None (Free)

*First come, first-served basis.

*Access to event is subject to availability and not guaranteed due to the limited capacity of the venue. Entrance might be refused once full capacity is attained. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Members of the development team, including Motohiro Okubo (Producer) and Masteru Takahashi (Director), will be on stage to answer fan’s inquiries in a Q&A session to actively join the community discourse surrounding the game.



  • The venue will be used by multiple parties as events other than EVO Japan will also be taking place at the same time so please refrain from speaking in loudly or disturbing other events in the conference area.
  • Please note that the organizers and venue owner shall not be liable for any theft or accident that might occur during the event.
  • Filming/recording is prohibited during the event except for members of the press who received special permission.
  • By attending this event, each attendee consents to release any and all rights such attendee may otherwise have to the attendee’s likeness, and to any photographs, recordings, or other images owned by any member of the media.


Producer Message



Since its release in October, SOULCALIBUR VI has been embraced by many players all over the world. Whether it’s all the community tournaments held around the globe or all the character creations profusely shared by fans on social media, every single member of PROJECT SOUL is overwhelmed by your response to the game. We are very grateful for your attention and continued support.


As we are fully committed to continuously improving the gameplay experience, we are constantly monitoring the community as we tweak and improve the game’s balance as best as possible. On top of watching various tournaments across the globe, the team also monitors and takes into account comments and opinions from players.


It must be said that it is very difficult for us to reply to each and every one of your enquiries due to the sheer amount that we receive on a daily-basis. That is why we are always ready to jump at every opportunity to communicate with you. This is one of the reasons we have decided to hold a community panel session for SOULCALIBUR VI during the upcoming EVO Japan.


We truly hope that with this community panel session, we will be able to actively join the community discourse surrounding the game and exchange opinions and ideas with SOULCALIBUR VI players from all over the world. We invite any and all players who are able to make it to attend our panel regardless of their level or experience regarding the game (just to be clear competing at EVO Japan is not a prerequisite to attending the panel). 


Our aim is to provide an outlet for healthy discussion within our community and hope that we will all be having fun while doing that.


Lastly, as this event was announced without much notice, many of you might not be able to attend in person. We just want say that you can participate to the community discourse regardless by giving us your feedback on the link below.





We are very excited to the prospect of meeting you in Fukuoka. As SOULCALIBUR VI players compete for supremacy, let your SOUL burn for EVO Japan.


Motohiro Okubo


*Please note specifics regarding the panel may be subject to change.

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Two decades after its first iteration, SoulCalibur VI returns to its roots while bringing brand-new gameplay features to the fight.