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The Closed Beta Test for Park Beyond starts now!

Today we are opening the doors of PARK BEYOND to players for the first time!


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The Closed Beta Test is accessible on PC from May 9th to May 19th for those who registered, allowing them to take their first steps into this amusement park management simulation game with a great dose of fun. The Park Beyond Closed Beta Test is a small part of the content that will be available for Park Beyond at release on June 16th.


Available in this Closed Beta Test are the first two missions of the campaign, which will introduce the colourful cast of character guiding the players through their visionary creations but also train them with all the knowhow needed to manage a successful park.


The Sandbox mode is also included with one of the many maps from Park Beyond. This is the perfect place to put everything learned from the missions in practice, test out possibilities, management strategies, and push creativity with the modular building, allowing for full customization of elements as well as coasters. Impossification is also a part of this mode: amaze you visitors and watch as rides and shops get crazier, and staff gets upgraded beyond your imagination!


Registrations to participate are still open, participants to the Closed Beta Test purchasing the game will receive the bonus golden Omnicar to add to their coasters.


PARK BEYOND will release on June 16th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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In Park Beyond, you can create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity! 

Xbox Series X|S

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