Patch Notes

Park Beyond 2.0 Patch Notes

Note from the Dev Team

Even though the release of patch 2.0, Community Content and the Beyond eXtreme DLC took longer than we had planned, we hope that you will enjoy it! Thanks to all the feedback brought forward by many of you. We took your feedback to heart and took on the goal to bring improvements into Park Beyond that you have been asking for. For all those new to Park Beyond: Welcome! And to all others returning: Welcome back!

Patch 2.0 is coming with improvements to help you better understand path placement and path connections with an all new highlighting system that shows you where path intersections can be created. Path visuals and railings can now be changed after placement and the path snapping logics were improved on queue/exit placement. You are now able to order Mechanics and Janitors to your rides, shops and facilities and have better indications of your idling staff. All Sandbox maps received a completely overhauled and improved lighting with a new day & night cycle to really make your parks shine at night! Object Placement and working with groups and prefabs has gotten even easier with multiple Quality of Life improvements. We added a new Heatmap to identify the visitors in your park who are looking for ATMs. And we overall improved the ride utilization and game progression through the rising park levels, reduced the importance of need providers, and re-balanced several missions. On top of these and many more smaller improvements, we tried to get as many bug fixes into this version as we could.

We are looking forward to seeing and playing with your creations that you share through the new Community Content feature and we hope that you will have a blast with this patch 2.0!

Please continue to share all your thoughts and feedback with us because we are already starting to work on the next patches and updates to come. Thank you!


Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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  • Beyond eXtreme DLC 
    • 2 new story missions
    • 2 new sandbox maps based on the story missions
    • New theme with scenery objects, modular structures and animatronics
    • 2 new Flat Rides
    • New track type: Flying coaster
    • New coaster module: Freefall Ramp
    • New track module: Paraglider Course
    • New coaster prefabs
    • New shop prefabs
    • New entertainer costume and impossification
    • 2 new Flat Ride music tracks
    • New coaster music track
  • Community Content powered by
    • Share your own prefabs and parks with the community and subscribe to those of other players cross-platform!
  • Free Content
    • 2 new coaster modules: Drop Connector and Wind Tunnel
    •  New coaster prefabs
  • Improved and revamped lighting and day & night cycle on all Sandbox Maps



  • Fixed a crash when using demolish mode during mission cutscenes
  • Fixed a crash when selecting 'Stay on Map' on the Mission Accomplished window after completing Mission 04
  • Fixed a crash when rotating the camera with the overview panel of the 'Shining Pendulum' flat ride
  • Fixed a crash during the intro sequence of Mission 05
  • Fixed a crash when switching input during a pitch meeting
  • Fixed crashes related to Undo/Redo or Destroy actions
  • Fixed many other random or rarely occurring crashes



  • Improved performance with certain goals running, e.g. “earn money with Park entrance fee” 
  • Adjusted selection outlines material to improve GPU performance
  • Fixed various map sandbox map related performance issues


Exploration Park

  • Fixed an issue where Sofia's labs are not unlocked in 'Exploration Park'


Mission 01 - Ambitious Beginnings

  • Fixed the pointer sometimes pointing to normal tracks instead of chain lift during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where "Find track icon on building" goal fails to achieve
  • Fixed an issue where the track icon was not at the correct position
  • Fixed an issue where the game could not progress if the coaster track is placed above 80m
  • Fixed an issue where the camera clips through the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the initial track height in Mission 01 - Ambitious Beginnings cannot be adjusted
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of the Mission 01 - Ambitious Beginnings intro was out of sync


Mission 02 - Welcome to Cloudstormer

  • Fixed an issue where the "Open crashlander" and "Build and open flat ride" goals automatically fulfills


Mission 03 - The Dawn of Impossification

  • Fixed an issue where Staff salaries are not disabled in the staff roster


Mission 05 - Duel at the Beaches

  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete small rocks" goal gets fulfilled after save/load



  • Added a new path highlighting system that shows valid and invalid path connections, highlighting points and sections on paths that can be connected to
  • Path visuals and railings can now be changed after placement by selecting them
  • Improved path/queue snapping behavior on ride connections
  • Improved visuals on outside path borders, especially around intersections
  • Improved path placement with gamepad/controller and closer matched it to mouse behavior
  • Inclined curved paths are now maintaining their circular shape
  • Increased the possible incline on suspended paths
  • Fixed various crashes involving path placement
  • Fixed that automated paths are not generated while in precision mode
  • Fixed an issue where benches don't snap to the outsides of generated ride exit paths
  • Fixed an issue where short exit paths on rides lead to the next queue segment not being placeable
  • Fixed an issue where paths do not have the default railing assigned
  • Fixed an issue where auto-placed paths don't match the texture and railings of path they're connected to
  • Fixed an issue where paths would not snap to the grid height
  • Fixed an issue where paths did not always snap to other paths correctly
  • Fixed an issue where suspended path intersections were not connecting properly
  • Fixed an issue where inclining suspended paths resulted in inaccurate “incline is too high” error messages
  • Fixed an instance in which path placement is impossible after loading a save from an older version
  • Fixed path struts reappearing after deleting the path and nearby shop 
  • Fixed removed path struts reappearing after loading a save



  • Added the possibility to add existing objects to an object group while currently editing that group
  • Added hotkeys for actions on placed objects
  • Added hotkeys for directly toggling individual precision modes
  • Added a more flexible way to select individual precision placement modes
  • Added a game option to disable advanced placement options (Gameplay)
  • Added an option to reset any active filters within placement menus
  • Added the missing free rotation circle during placement preview of flat rides
  • Added a numeric display of the current rotation angle when using free rotation
  • Added confirmation pop-up when attempting to delete a ride, shop or facility
  • Improved the cycling through placement modes for gamepad/controller
  • Refined filters in placement menus
  • Adjusted placement of vending machines so they do not create a new object group on placement by default
  • When cloning or moving and having the grid alignment set to object the grid will now be placed at the object that is being moved/cloned
  • Optimized placement performance by only calculating and displaying terraforming cost if placement is possible
  • Fixed an issue where objects were not aligned to the ground when grid height was turned on
  • Fixed various crashes involving placement of rides, shops, scenery objects, etc.
  • Fixed that the PAC-MAN hat shop attractor cannot be selected
  • Fixed undo and redo happening on terraforming outside the play area 
  • Fixed an issue preventing from scrolling upwards after adding a maximum number of object tags while using gamepad 
  • Fixed rotation button callout and tooltip mismatching 45° and 90° rotations
  • Fixed an issue where snapping to a Flat Ride entrance/exit would not work
  • Fixed an issue where false path collision error
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over suspended path segments moves struts
  • Fixed an issue where Shops and Prefabs don't snap to the path as intended
  • Fixed an issue where attractors lack collision with other game assets
  • Fixed an issue where the precision gizmo was disappearing far behind other objects
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Pac-Man Staff Lounge' does not create an auto path during its placement
  • Fixed an issue where objects can be placed below the terrain in a way that they cannot be interacted with
  • Fixed shops being closed when replacing with a valid path connection
  • Fixed height snapping not working when grid width was turned off
  • Fixed several glitches on grid visualization
  • Fixed various issues involving placing shops and facilities
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect message “You can’t make a path before the park entrance” is displayed on creating a prefab containing a park entrance 


Shops & Facilities

  • Fixed an issue where impossified shops incur upkeep even when the sandbox parameter Upkeep is set to None



  • Added an option to create a coaster prefab in the coaster overview panel
  • Added lights to coaster cars that respond to the day & night cycle
  • Increased the maximum train pass number of the station to 100
  • Increased the maximum launch speed of the station from 40 to 100 km/h
  • Improved the left vertical loop to match its right variation
  • Updated tooltip videos of several modules
  • "Fixed Modules" like forks and filter are now also affected by color customization changes
  • Added missing VFX to the Cannon module
  • Fixed missing collision on several coaster modules
  • Fixed upkeep cost showing incorrect values during impossification 
  • Fixed that you can exit the coaster editor without any charges for edits made while in object group editor 
  • Fixed an issue where carts enter the elevator module at an inclined angle
  • Fixed an issue where normal tracks could be placed after spring module
  • Fixed an issue where the train merger module don't work if cars are in reverse
  • Fixed an issue where off-rail tracks cannot be placed after placing a manually inverted track
  • Fixed an issue where you are Unable to adjust the height of the 'Cannon' module from higher elevation
  • Fixed an issue where the required speed at which the launcher module operates is missing
  • Fixed an issue where the Goal 'Impossify Flat Rides' was incorrectly satisfied on impossifying an Modular Ride 
  • Fixed an issue where the fork module variants are routing carts to the wrong paths
  • Fixed an issue where the hook "Every car for itself" cannot be fulfilled
  • Fixed an issue where the second placement node of the 'Ramp' module is broken after placement
  • Fixed an issue where carts do not crash while in the coaster station
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum height of the track is inconsistent when tunneling is toggled on/off
  • Fixed an issue where the height of the elevator module cannot be increased above the terrain if the first node of elevator is placed under the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the trajectory of the cannon deformed when aiming the Cannon module downwards
  • Fixed an issue where coaster tracks snap erratically while placing small segments of the tracks near the border


Flat Rides

  • Fixed various issues involving placing flat rides


Scenery Objects 

  • Added “animated” tags that was missing for multiple objects 
  • Added “rock” tag that was missing for multiple objects 
  • Fixed the animatronic interval snapping randomly
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate "Scenery" tags were on various objects
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to replace modular structures using 'R' key via mouse and keyboard controls
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Rocket Neon Sign' scenery object cannot be selected or deleted after placement
  • Fixed an issue where certain animatronics break the animations of other placed animatronics
  • Fixed an issue where water emitters visually flicker when previewed or placed at terrain level



  • Added a menu to mange prefabs that is accessible through the Pause Menu
  • Added a notification when the name or description of a prefab contains profanities that will be censored
  • Improved the price calculation of prefabs
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create a prefab out of an impossified ride and place it again at no construction or amazement cost
  • Fixed an issue where the prefab creation panel does not close on selecting 'Save' the panel after editing
  • Fixed an issue where placing toilet prefabs resets the fee of the previously placed toilet



  • New Staff Order functionality: Mechanics and Janitors can now be sent to rides, shops & facilities via a new button in the detail panel of the ride, shop/facility
  • With the new staff order button, rides, shops & facilities being targeted by staff members already are now easier recognizable
  • Added an icon to easier recognize idling staff members
  • Improved the visuals of the paramedic duties
  • Added facial animations to Paramedics and Janitors
  • Fixed that certain impossified costumes are not selectable after impossifying an entertainer
  • Fixed that the animation for impossified Entertainers happen by changing the costume without impossification
  • Fixed Janitors having two gears equipped after impossification
  • Fixed color customization becoming unresponsive after changing the costume or headgear of staff members
  • Fixed entertainers not being centered on entertainment points 
  • Fixed an issue where staff members can be hired again even after reaching the daily limit and then after loading into a saved game



  • Fixed an issue where visitors board modular rides incorrectly
  • Reduced timer in which visitors are looking for ATMs  
  • Increased visitor’s starting wallets 
  • Decreased decline rates for food and drink needs
  • Increased the maximum visit duration
  • Visitors now pay for ATM service AFTER withdrawing money
  • Fixed visitors occasionally not boarding continuous rides correctly 
  • Fixed the “focus on structure” button not focusing on the correct ride while in queue of a coaster 
  • Fixed an issue where visitors were seen floating under/above paths from a far distance
  • Fixed an issue where visitor groups were noticing that a ride is closed/broken and generating a thought about it but walked to it anyway
  • Fixed an issue where visitor's energy is not recovered correctly when using benches
  • Fixed visitor preferences not updating correctly when enabling/disabling trending items in shops



  • Added additional water variants to terraforming brush
  • Fixed that the water placement cursor remains after closing the terraforming panel  
  • Fixed land extension outlines not being visible when terraforming
  • Fixed flatten brushes disappearing under water


Park Management 

  • Improved late game balancing and overall game progression through park levels
  • Increased amount of expected ride visits for park levels 11 - 13
  • Tweaked the overall visitor cap values and reduced the visitor caps of higher park levels
  • Improved the distribution system based on ride utilization (Patch 1.4.0) to also take queue capacities of rides in the park into account
  • Reduced upkeep of vending machines
  • Set balloon shop to be liked by adults
  • Set Himalayan Adventure to be relished by teens
  • Added low, medium and high nausea tags to Flat Rides
  • Fixed occurrences of stuck visitors on rides and in queues
  • Fixed an issue where the regular earnings values don't match with the sum number in the finances screen
  • Fixed an issue where the last team goal fails to trigger after completing 4 goals associated with any of the 4 characters



  • Added a heatmap for visitors searching for ATMs
  • Selected heatmaps are now saved on leaving the heatmaps overlays and opening them again
  • Fixed an issue where benches are not colored in the Energy heatmap


Filtering System

  • Removed "Aid Station" Tag from First Aid Sign



  • Fixed first person camera occasionally clipping through visitors  
  • Fixed camera clipping out of the world after being in first person camera while staff members rest in a lounge 
  • Added missing button callout for moving the camera while in precision camera 
  • Fixed an issue where the camera movement is locked while placing a coaster track at maximum height



  • Fixed various crashes involving undo/redo
  • Fixed an issue where the core facility is removed from the Object Group on performing Undo/Redo


Save Game

  • Automatic milestone save games are now limited to one per mission playthrough
  • Automatic save games are now delayed until placement/pitch meetings/cinematics are completed to avoid occurrences of save game issues
  • Fixed various crashes involving loading and saving the game
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to load a save file with a coaster after already having loaded once in the current session
  • Fixed an issue where visitor get stuck in shop queues after loading a save game
  • Fixed an issue where the game failed to save on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where milestone 1 of the Exploration Park fails to accomplish after loading into a save game
  • Fixed an issue where autosaves are not generated upon completion of milestones



  • Fixed an issue with the Bubbly Balloons and Yeti Flat Ride Materials 
  • Fixed missing textures for impossified Haunted Mansion flat ride 



  • Fixed that “Frame Rate Limit” does not change if “Vertical Sync” is turned off 
  • Fixed “Invert Mouse Panning” option not working unless it is toggled once  
  • Fixed input prompts for mouse and keyboard showing even when disabled in accessibility settings 



  • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to access optional goals with gamepad under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to place entrance/exit after cancelling the path placement using gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the off-rail track's height can be adjusted using Gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the height of a track/module increases simultaneously while selecting a node of a track via gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic cursor fails to stick to the center of the screen while panning the camera close to any uneven terrain via gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the precision mode tools are not working as intended with the gamepad while the camera is set to precision mode
  • Fixed an issue where the sounds on hovering over some UI elements did not work
  • Fixed missing button callouts


Campaign Menu

  • Added a new tab for DLC missions


Sandbox Menu

  • Added two new tabs for DLC Sandbox maps and Community Parks
  • Added a new setting specific to Community Parks to start the map with all rides & facilities closed


Help Center

  • Added new help screens around Community Content
  • Fixed and updated various help screens in the help center



  • Changed tab icons in Goals Screen to match the icons of the corresponding goal type
  • Fixed a wrong button callout in the park management research screen
  • Fixed an overrun issue on several languages for the mission 03 milestone summary
  • Added separators to Pause Menu for better readability
  • Fixed an issue where the background is not blurred and you can access other elements of the game when any panel is active in the foreground
  • Fixed an issue where the cost/price tooltip for all the Flat Rides, Shops & Facilities and Modular Rides are not displayed while in placement preview mode (M&K)
  • Fixed several localization issues and missing localizations in all languages
  • Fixed minor typos in all languages




  • Reduced loading times on game start




  • Fixed a crash when making an object group on PS5


  • Fixed an issue where activity cards can update with the wrong map


Xbox Series X|S


  • Fixed several platform specific crashes occuring on Xbox


  • Reduced memory usage on Xbox Series S


Release Date:

In Park Beyond, you can create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity! 

Xbox Series X|S