A view of the Fold from the Unknown 9: Awakening video game.

Seekers of the Unknown worldwide are all on the hunt for the same thing: the Fold.

What is the mysterious alternate dimension at the center of Unknown 9: Awakening? Discover the true nature of the realm whose power you’ll learn to harness when you play the video game.

What is the Fold?

Across continents and cultures, the idea of another world has always existed. The Celts called it Tír na nÓg, the Norse called it Asgard, the Maya called it Xibalba. The Fold is a nebulous world just beyond our own reality, only accessible to humanity’s bravest—a place of ancient, infinite wisdom and power.

What’s inside?

No one knows for sure—but it’s long been believed that the sum of human knowledge can be found within this alternate realm. There is the potential for greatness and enlightenment, but also chaos and destruction.

The infinite possibilities inside the Fold have been warred over, lost, rewon, and lost again over the centuries. Those who seek the Fold—Quaestors—hope to gain the powerful knowledge and wisdom hidden within it. And while all Quaestors want a better future for humanity, some are willing to make terrible sacrifices to make it happen.

How do you get there?

Over the centuries, Quaestors have learned that the Fold cannot be accessed physically. Instead, your consciousness is your vehicle into this alternate realm. To enter the Fold therefore requires the greatest of feats—to sever one’s consciousness from one’s body.

The powers needed to access the Fold and channel its incredible forces are known as Umbric abilities. Named for the Fold’s shadowy appearance (Latin “umbra”, “umbrae”—shadow or shade), these skills usually require great perseverance and mental stamina to acquire. Quaestors train for years to even peer briefly into the Fold's depths.

Unknown 9: Awakening's heroine, Haroona, wanders through the Fold.

Then…how does Haroona enter the Fold?

A few rare people—perhaps only one in a million—can stumble upon the Fold involuntarily. Haroona, the Unknown 9 video game’s fierce protagonist, is one such anomaly. Many years ago, when her life was threatened by a street gang, it was her connection to the Fold that saved her.

Since then, she’s devoted herself to strengthening her ties to this other plan of existence. And though she may not be the only one who can harness its power, her Umbric prowess has her executing feats other Quaestors could only dream of.

Speaking of Umbric feats, stay tuned for more details on the Fold’s incredible energy and how you can use it to supercharge your gameplay. In the meantime, be sure to brush up on Unknown 9 lore and add Awakening to your Wishlist!