La heroína de Unknown 9: Awakening, Haroona, observa a su enemigo.

If you’ve watched our action-adventure game’s latest trailer, you’ve seen Haroona in action. Here’s your chance to learn more about Unknown 9: Awakening’s heroine.

1. She’s the fierce protagonist of the Unknown 9: Awakening video game.

This means you get to experience the wonders (and dangers) of the Unknown 9 universe from Haroona’s perspective. She’s tough, she’s smart, and uniquely skilled. But the future of humankind is at stake. Its continued existence rests on your ability to complete a globetrotting quest while safeguarding powerful knowledge from forces with questionable intentions.

Just remember, as you plot your way across Awakening’s mysterious landscapes, what you discover could lead the world into a brilliant era of advancement or, conversely, down a dark path of destruction.

2. Haroona is a Quaestor.

A Quaestor (pronounced Kwess·tur / kwestər) is a curious mind that believes essential truths about humankind lie outside what history books contain or what science has defined. They are truth seekers that embrace the lure of the Unknown, unafraid to probe the unexplained.

If you’re eager to uncover what secrets lurk in the shadows, consider joining their ranks and becoming a Quaestor. Doing so grants you access to free Unknown 9 universe content, exclusive updates, and more.

A scene from the Unknown 9: Awakening announcement trailer in which Haroona uses her Pull ability to fight off an enemy Ascendant.

3. She wields a unique set of talents.

The Announcement Trailer places Haroona’s powerful skills front and center. Her impressive Push and Pull abilities allow her to move objects, people, anything really, from one spot to the next. She carves her own path by Crushing whatever stands in her way. She dodges attacks and Shields herself from oncoming fire, often deflecting bullets to the nearest opponent.

What may be her most impressive talent, though, is her Stepping ability. Haroona can take over her opponents’ bodies, controlling their every move, from their positioning to their weapons, and ultimately their fates.

Unknown 9: Awakening heroine, Haroona, as a young girl.

4. Only now is Haroona ready to unleash her full potential.

Take a look back at the video game’s award-winning Teaser Trailer and it’s clear that Haroona has come a long way. The young girl once so frightened by her gifts has since learned to perfect them. And, like Haroona, as you progress through the game, your abilities will only expand and intensify.

5. Her abilities originate from the Fold.

The Fold is a dangerous realm accessible only to a few skilled practitioners. It’s also rumored to contain a record of all human history. Haroona is one of the rare few that can harness its power—Umbric energy—which grants her astonishing Umbric abilities.

Anya Chalotra, who stars as Haroona in the Unknown 9: Awakening video game, on set.

6. Actress Anya Chalotra brings Haroona to life!

The star of the hit series The Witcher was an obvious choice when casting the action-adventure game’s heroine. Chalotra’s strong connection to the character and dedication to the role made for an inspiring collaboration.

7. Haroona is the target of a powerful group.

As Haroona’s journey unfolds, she runs into the Ascendants, whose interests in the Fold threaten to alter the course of human history. Such unwanted recognition is one of many factors fueling Haroona’s mission to protect humanity’s best-kept secrets.

8. You, too, can use the Fold to define your play style.

Do you have what it takes to project your consciousness into the Fold, master your Umbric skills, and defeat the Ascendants? Prepare to embark on an adventure to some of the world’s most mysterious locations. You’ll learn to harness the Fold’s energy, then use your Umbric abilities to overcome any obstacles you face on your journey.

9. Mark your calendars: You’ll be able to walk Haroona’s path this summer!

With a release slated for Summer 2024, be sure to Wishlist Unknown 9: Awakening today and dive into its lore. We’ll be dishing out all the details you need to make the most of your playing experience.