SPYxANYA: Operation Memories

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Exciting Outing Adventure
Groove Box Japan

Play as Anya and Experience the World of “SPYxFAMILY”

Anya Forger has a new assignment from school: creating a photo diary!
Let’s collect memories by going to school on weekdays while going out to all sorts of exciting places like the beach or an art museum on days off, in search of subjects to photograph.

Take memorable pictures to complete her diary by living out the daily life as Anya in the world of “SPYxFAMILY”!

Will Anya be able to complete her photo diary?

Key features

A Slice Of Daily Life Drawn By A Temporary Family

Experience joyful moments with family and friends across various locations including the school, beach, museums, and other fun places on special occasions.

chimera spy x family

Experience Adventurous Outings

There are 10 outings in all, including parks, beaches, dog parks, aquariums, and museums.

Take memorable pictures of Anya while going out to various places!

Enjoy A Variety Of Mini-Games

Play over 15 mini-games, both inspired from the anime series and originally designed for the game! 

Customize the Family’s Outfits

Have fun dressing up Anya, Loid, Yor and Bond with a wardrobe of over 80 unique items for clothes, accessories, and hairstyles!

toy stuffed penguin spy x family

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spy x anya operation memories loid forger character render

Loid Forger

Code-Named Twilight, This Master Spy from Westalis Strives for Peace Between East and West


Having abandoned his original name and past, Twilight serves as a secret agent in Ostania, working to prevent war.


He is currently pursuing the difficult Operation Strix under the alias Loid Forger, a new identity created for this mission.

spy x anya operation memories anya forger character render

Anya Forger

An Orphan Girl with the Power to Read Minds


Loid adopted Anya from an orphanage and is raising her as his own daughter.


Anya possesses the ability to read the minds of others but conceals that fact from everyone.


She couldn't be more excited to be living with a spy and an assassin.

spy x anya operation memories yor forger character render

Yor Forger

A Beautiful and Talented Assassin Who Kills for Her Country


Yor's days are mostly spent on clerical work at city hall, but as a member of a group of Ostanian contract killers known as Garden, she also murders those who her superiors deem to have harmed their country.


She agreed to a sham marriage with Loid in order to defect suspicion about her activities.

spy x anya operation memories bond forger character render

Bond Forger

A Large Dog Who Gained the Power of Clairvoyance Through Project Apple


An animal research project conducted by the previous Ostanian government resulted in a dog unexpectedly gaining the power to see the future.

The research facility has faded into shadows, but Bond survived and met Anya during a terrorist attack. Afterward, he was adopted into the Forger family.


He is a kind and gentle dog that is unusually intelligent.

spy x anya operation memories yuri briar character render

Yuri Briar

An Ostanian Secret Police Officer Who Dotes on His Older Sister


Yor's younger brother got a job at Ostania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but within his first year, he was scouted by the State Security Service and now works as a secret police lieutenant while maintaining his cover job as a diplomat.


He loves his sister deeply and is openly hostile to his brother-in-law, Loid.

spy x anya operation memories fiona frost character render

Fiona Frost

A Fellow Spy Enamored with Twilight

Fiona spies for WISE under the code name Nightfall.

Stationed in Ostania, she is engaged in a variety of espionage activities.


Twilight is a mentor of sorts to her.

spy x anya operation memories damian desmond character render

Damian Desmond

Flexing His Power as the Scion of the Desmond Family


The son of Donovan Desmond, Damian uses the power of his father’s name to lord it over the other students at school. But despite his haughty demeanor, he is a kind and proud young man at heart.


He’s been intrigued by Anya ever since she punched him, but Anya views him mainly as the key to Loid’s “plan B.”

spy x anya operation memories becky blackbell character render

Becky Blackbell

Anya’s Ever-So-Slightly Precocious Friend


The daughter of the CEO of a major military manufacturer, Becky arrives at school every day in a luxury car driven by her household staff.

She adores Anya, who was the first friend she made at Eden College.


She’s prone to causing trouble with biting criticisms that often put adults to shame.

spy x anya operation memories emile erman character render

Emile Erman

Damian’s Friend 

Emile is close friends with Damian and accompanies him constantly.


He dreams of a life where he can eat lots of candy.

spy x anya operation memories ewen egeberg character render

Ewen Egeberg

Damian’s Friend 


Damian’s constant companion.

Ewen is a walking lesson about friendship.


He aspires to become a cosmonaut one day.

spy x anya operation memories bill watkins character render

Bill Watkins

Bazooka Bill, King of the Dodgeball Court


The son of a major in the National Unity Party army, Bill is both physically and mentally gifted, but he still cries when he loses.

spy x anya operation memories henry henderson character render

Henry Henderson

An Educator Brimming with Refinement


Henry Henderson led the Eden College admissions process but was demoted for punching a colleague.


He is now in charge of Anya's first-grade class.

The first movie in the SPY x FAMILY franchise, a new original adventure!

spy x family code white english movie banner with anya, yor and loid forger on the right


CRUNCHYROLL releases exclusive clip featured by dear character Anya, and announces that tickets for "SPY x FAMILY CODE: White" are now available
15 April 2024 32

CRUNCHYROLL releases exclusive clip featured by dear character Anya, and announces that tickets for "SPY x FAMILY CODE: White" are now available

SPYxANYA: Operation Memories to release on June 28th 2024
29 January 2024 23

SPYxANYA: Operation Memories to release on June 28th 2024

SPY x FAMILY makes its video game debut with  SPYxANYA: OPERATION MEMORIES
14 September 2023 173

SPY x FAMILY makes its video game debut with SPYxANYA: OPERATION MEMORIES

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PEGI 12+


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