SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream

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Multiplayer Co-Op Battle Action

Beyond memories, time, and space

In this online co-op action game, enter a distorted version of the SWORD ART ONLINE world.

Pick your role in the form of favorite SWORD ART ONLINE characters and team up with 20 players for raids to defeat powerful enemies.

Key features

Time and space, displaced

Galaxia, a new system allowing players to relive the past, has been added to ALfheim Online; however, Galaxia spins out of control causing players from all over time and space to be displaced! To set the timeline back on track, Kirito must work with fallen friends...and foes.

Choose your character and join the fight

Each with their own specific role on the battlefield, SAO characters from various arcs are gathered to fight. Team up with a total of 20 players from around the world in 1 of 5 parties comprised of 4 players each for multiplayer co-op action!

Defeat high difficulty bosses in Raids

True to the SWORD ART ONLINE series, join a raid party and prepare for a fight with high difficulty bosses together! How you prepare for the fight is the key to victory!


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Kirito’s cousin. There’s a scene where she

attacks Kirito out of the blue…Perhaps

an effect of Galaxia’s outbreak?


She specializes in aerial combat with

her hovering ability. An all-rounder, who

with both her swordsmanship and magic

ability can attack and heal—on top of her high mobility skills.


“SUPPORT” can help their party with various buff and recovery skills.


A nemesis to Kirito and his allies.
He was ruthless and ambitious, but

with the current circumstances, he is

often being pushed around by the people around him.


He is a cunning Fairy King who aims to eliminate

anyone in sight with long-range attacks from a safe

distance. His basic tactic is to attack from the shadows

of other players, while warping to avoid being targeted by the enemy.


“MAGE” role can control battles using their disruption capabilities,
providing anomalies to the battlefield that gives advantage to your party.


A cool-headed sniper who adores Kirito.
Fearless, and has the courage to face anyone

—even members of her own group.


Her sniper rifle has tremendous range and power,

and her shots can penetrate multiple enemies.

Use her advance skill to stop enemies on their tracks,
to always maintain an advantage for you and other players to attack.


“RANGER” excels at long-range attacks.Destroy

enemy lines from a distance or take down enemies

from unexpected angles —to give your team the leverage in battles.


An informant who specializes in hide-and-sneak.
Has dreamed of meeting different characters in

the virtual world to gain various information from a variety of players.


With her overwhelming speed and ability

to do double jumps, she excels in three-

dimensional movement. She can also temporary

turn invisible, to sneak up behind enemies

and attack them—just like an assassin.


“ROGUE” specializes in offensive capabilities.

Use their quick movements to disturb and

distract enemies, while paving way for other players to attack.


An older friend of Kirito, and a former “SAO” player.
Despite the chaos caused by Galaxia, he steps in with

his calm personality to aid those who are in need.


He’s a power fighter, with powerful attacks and high HP.
His two-handed axe attack might be slow, but has a long reach,
making him a formidable force in the front line of the party.


“TANK” works best as the front-line guardian of the party,

with their excellent survivability. Use their special provocation

skills to attract enemies and protect other party members.


A hero famously known as “The Black Swordsman”

who has been active in numerous virtual worlds.

To discover the root of the outbreak caused by Galaxia,

he join forces with his bereaved friends—and former adversaries.


Using “Dual Wielding”, he excels in dealing consecutive damages,

making him particularly adept at close-range combats.


“FIGHTER” is a role with versatile and well-balanced abilities,

often positioned to be the main attacker of the party.


SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream - Here is what you’re going to play in the Closed Beta Test!
28 February 2024 69

SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream - Here is what you’re going to play in the Closed Beta Test!

SWORD ART ONLINE FRACTURED DAYDREAM: A new adventure is coming this year
21 February 2024 49

SWORD ART ONLINE FRACTURED DAYDREAM: A new adventure is coming this year

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