Steve Fox

Counter-Punching Paragon

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Fighting style: Boxing


Steve Fox is a middleweight boxing world champion whose ingenious technique and pace control in the ring have charmed countless audiences.

Raised in a facility owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, Steve went on a search for his real parents the moment he learned he was just a test subject. He encounters Nina Williams by chance and learns that he was made from her genetic material.

Although they are mother and son by blood, Nina has never acknowledged Steve as her own. To Steve, knowing his roots was everything. Nina, on the other hand, believed such knowledge to be a mere inconvenience.

The bell rings, wrapping up Steve's fight with his past. With his driving force in life gone, Steve becomes a husk of his former self. His training buddies Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law sense his desperation and come to his rescue.