Blood Talon

Country of origin: South Korea

Fighting style: Taekwondo


A Taekwondo master, Hwoarang has considered Jin Kazama as his rival ever since their first fight ended in a draw. About six months ago, he meets Jin again in the Middle East. The black-winged figure that stood before him was the same that had trounced him in an instant in a previous encounter. With all the strength he could muster, Hwoarang succeeded in defeating the rampaging Jin. However, due to the intervention of the Union of Nations forces, Jin disappears once again. "Victory was mine, but..." he said. Hwoarang was left feeling incontent at the unresolved conflict with Jin after returning home, so he threw himself into stoic training in order to find answers. He quietly looks inward and gradually arrives at the answer — what he wants, and what he must do to achieve it.