Claudio Serafino

Banisher of Demons

Country of origin: Italy​

Fighting style: Sirius Exorcist Arts


Leader of the Sirius Marksmen, a group of exorcists who had banished evil in various forms since ancient times, Claudio Serafino was one of the most powerful exorcists in his organization. After learning from Heihachi Mishima six months earlier of Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, and the power they command over the devil gene, Claudio decided to cooperate with Heihachi despite considerable opposition from within his own organization. Also, Claudio learned of the existence of Ling Xiaoyu who was searching for Jin. He decided to get close to Xiaoyu in order to use her in his mission to locate and defeat Jin. Born in to the house of the "purifying blue flame", Claudio took pride in his lineage, and was determined to defeat Devil at all cost.