Bryan Fury

Harbinger of Chaos

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Fighting style: Kickboxing


Obtaining the perpetual generator, Bryan Fury became the ultimate replicant, using this endless source of energy to wreak havoc. Even after the battle between G Corp. and Mishima Zaibatsu concluded, Bryan continued waging acts of war around the globe, and quickly became the target of international police organizations. Something suddenly changed in Bryan when he confronted the elite counter terrorist unit of the international police agency he formerly belonged to in an urban conflict. Either a result of overuse in countless conflicts, or from a lingering memory of his mortal body, his perpetual generator overheated during battle. A surge in feelings of power and pleasure burned their imprint into his brain, turning it crimson red. When he awoke, he was alone in the devastated aftermath he had likely caused. "Are you really the infamous Bryan Fury..?" From under the rubble, the voice of someone who appeared to know him said, but was abruptly interrupted by the sounds of pummeling fists and maniacal laughter.