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The European TEKKEN Cup is coming back starting this July!

Bandai Namco Europe is happy to announce that after the success of the inaugural edition, starting this July, the European TEKKEN Cup is coming back!

The European competition will unfold step by step for the next 6 months, from July to December 2023. Eight different regions will host their own Championship throughout that time, and at the end of the season, the two best players of each region will have the chance to participate in the European TEKKEN Cup finals.

This year, each region will be independently handling their championship, and there will not be a region final. In the end of the season, sixteen players will be competing against each other in a final tournament organized in one of the eight regions. TEKKEN Championship will be held in Italy, D.A.CH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Spain, Benelux, Poland, France, United Kingdom & Ireland and the Nordic region.

Participants will be able to attend major events in their respective regional championship, which are the opportunity to collect a big amount of points! Each region will also host independent tournaments, which are community driven events, and are another opportunity to earn some extra points.

The European TEKKEN Cup will last for 6 months, ending mid-December for finals. Players can already register Here.


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