Join the fight to become the reigning European TEKKEN king of Iron Fist!


The European TEKKEN Cup is back ! Bandai Namco brings you once again several Championships where every player can compete, progress, have fun and share with the TEKKEN 7 community in their respective region.


The championships will be held from July 2023 until December 2023 within the following areas*:

France / Benelux / Spain / Italy / UK & IR / D.A.CH / Poland / Nordic


Climb the ladder of your region and come out on top to be granted a spot for the European TEKKEN Cup finals with a fantastic € 25.000 cash prize to be won!


Have a peek at the rules and the point system in the official ETC Rules and Guidelines HERE

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You can check out the current leaderboard of each region by clicking on the map below!


To participate, players are required to register on the Esport TEKKEN Portal. Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to assist you throughout the process.


Player Guide


For TOs of any TWT Dojo in Europe, please note that you can also take part in the European TEKKEN Cup by going on the Esport TEKKEN Portal ! Your event will give points in both Championships !


TO Guide


*Areas for Benelux include Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland. Nordic encompasses Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. UK & IR include the United Kingdom and Ireland. D.A.CH includes Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Map of the Tekken European Cup