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Jin Kazama joins the TEKKEN 8 roster!



Despising the cursed blood that ran through his veins, Jin Kazama sought to bring an end to the devil bloodline.


He joined forces with Lars Alexandersson, and together they prepared to commence Operation Lightning, a plan to eliminate the other bearer of the devil gene, Kazuya Mishima


Jin had once plunged the world into chaos in order to resurrect Azazel, the devil gene's progenitor.


His plan now was to rid the world of the devil's curse by defeating Azazel once and for all, even if it cost him his own life.


While Jin managed to defeat Azazel, he lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep once more. During his absence, G Corp, led by Kazuya, took over the world by force.


Several months later, Jin finally regained consciousness.


His deadly struggle with Azazel had taught him how to control his inner devil power. 


Jin swore to end Kazuya's reign of terror in order to atone for the war and destruction he had caused.​


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TEKKEN™8 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam


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TEKKEN 8, the brand-new entry in the legendary TEKKEN franchise, brings the fight to the new generation!

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