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My Hero Ultra Rumble - Patch Notes 1.3.0

The following actions were taken during the maintenance and update on March 27, 2024.


System improvement

  • Added missions and rewards for reaching a specific rank to Special Missions.

 └ Achieved “Amateur Rank I”

 └ Achieved ”Pro Rank I”

 └ Achieved “Ace Rank”


  • Changed background of the Main menu.


  • Changed so that the equipment state of the aura can also be saved in "Preset" of "Customize".


  • Changed so that the item will not be used even if the item use button is pressed while the item box is being unlocked.


  • Changed the specifications of “K.O. Assist”.

 └ Previously, it was counted just by dealing damage to a downed opponent, but it has been changed so that it will not be counted as a "K.O. assist" unless damage is done before the opponent goes down.

 └ “Inflicting an abnormal status on the opponent”

  Changed so that actions such as “Suppressing the opponent's (quirk) technique with Shota Aizawa's special action (Erasure) will also be judged as “K.O. Assist”.


  • When damage is caused to the clone created by Twice's Special Action “Mad Imitation”, the damage value will be displayed and added to the damage score.


  • Changed Aim Assist specifications to Season 2 status on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch versions.


  • In the Nintendo Switch version, the functions of “profile introduction” and “agency introduction” have been released.


  • In the Nintendo Switch version, a "Reset Camera" item was added to the "Controls" section of the Settings.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the display and judgment of emblem acquisition conditions were reversed in some cases.

 └”Flawless Victor

  Acquisition condition: "Become a champion without any team-up members going down."

 └“Victory for All

  Acquisition condition: "Becoming champion without none of the team-up members being K.O."

※The emblems of players who have already acquired the above emblems will be replaced with the correct one.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the role color of the K.O. Log icon to change when a character with a different Quirk Skill Set was K.O.'d.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the role color of the icon to change when a character with a new Quirk Skill Set was displayed on the map and minimap.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented characters who had changed their Quirk Skill Set from requesting Quirk Skill Card.


  • Fixed the location of item boxes that cannot be unlocked because they are buried in buildings, the ground, or objects.


  • Fixed a display error when the Quirk Skill Set is ejected from the roll.


  • Fixed a bug where Katsuki Bakugo's Quirk Skill α "AP Shot" sometimes did not penetrate hidden objects.


  • Fixed a bug where the damage would not be reduced when Katsuki Bakugo's Quirk Skill α "AP Shot" penetrated a shield.


  • Fixed a bug where Shigaraki Tomura's Quirk Skill β “Ground Destruction” would sometimes not hit the opponent.


  • Fixed a bug in which the color of the UI frame of the Quirk Skill would change when a character with a changed Quirk Skill Set was transformed by Himiko Toga.


  • Fixed a bug where when the clone generated by Twice's Quirk Skill β "Self Duplicate" Guard Breaks the opponent, the SE could be heard by everyone.


Character adjustment

Shoto Todoroki

  • Quirk Skill γ ”Ice Stalagmite”

└ Increased reload speed.

└ Decreased frozen state time.


Denki Kaminari

  • Quirk Skill α “Electro-target”

└ Increase the duration of numbness due to connected electricity.


  • Quirk Skill γ ”Human Stun Gun”

└ Reduced numbness time.


Eijiro Kirishima

  • Special Action “Hardening“

└ Changed so that the effect will end if you take a damage reaction while it is active.


Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Special Action "YAOYOROZU'S LUCKY BAG"

└ Changed so that it can be used from the start of the battle.

└ Changed so that "Team Enhancement Kit" will be discharged with a low probability.

└ Changed so that depending on the team's situation, "Item Bag" or “Revive Card” is ejected.


Shota Aizawa

  • Quirk Skill α “Binding Cloth: Capture”

└ Changed so that the binding cloth deals damage when it hits.

└ Reduced shock wave damage from flying kicks.



  • Special Action “Unquenchable Flame”

└ Changed the skill name to “Unquenchable Flame”.

└ Changed to revive the downed self when activated.



  • Aerial melee attack

└ Reduced damage.


  • Quirk Skill α “Dagger Shot”

└ Damage reduced at all levels.


  • Quirk Skill β “Self Duplicate”

└ Decreased clone survival time at all levels.

└ Changed so that the level of Quirk Skill used by clones increases at Lv.4 and 9.

└ Changed so that the clone receives the follow-up effect of the opponent's attack.


  • Quirk Skill γ “Foot Boost”

└ Changed so that measure follows the opponent.

└ Adjustment to make it easier to hit attacks after a move with a measure.


  • Special action “Mud Imitation”

└ Changed so that the generated clone of the opponent uses Quirk Skill α, β, and γ.

└ Set the number of opponent clones that can exist at the same time to 6.

*Changed so that if there are more than 6 clones, the oldest clone will disappear.


Mr. Compress

  • Special Action “Magic Resurrection”

└ Changed the Quik name to "Magic Resurrection".

└ Changed so that you can carry a downed ally and revive it when you release it.


Mt. Lady

  • Quirk Skill β “Caldera Stomp”

  └ Adjusted to make it easier for the opponent to be blown away.




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