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MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE – Developer’s Blog VOL. 13

Thank you for playing MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE


MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE  has reached Season 4.

The momentum of the game continues to build, and we are grateful to all the players who have kept the excitement going.


Due to the popularity of the Quirk Skill Set switching system implemented in Season3, in Season 4, we have added Shigaraki and one other new Quirk Skill Set.

You can enjoy even more radical Quirk Skill Sets.


We are also planning to introduce that powerful character, so please look forward to it.


Furthermore, in order to make the Ranked Match even more exciting, we have prepared missions and rewards for reaching specific ranks in the “Special Mission”.

We hope you will aim to increase your rank and earn rewards.


We would like to apologize for the inconvenience for a very long time on the Nintendo Switch version. Finally, “Agency Introduction” and “Profile Introduction” are available.

Please use them to communicate with other players.


Our development team gives importance to controls and is attentive to your feedback.

In Season 3, the Aim Assist function was adjusted, however, unfortunately, we were not able to get a good result and received a lot of feedback.

Therefore, the Aim Assist function in Season 4 has been set back to the Season 2 settings to restore the original controls of the game.


In addition, Camera Reset has been added to the Nintendo Switch version’s settings.

The gyro will be reset at the same time as the camera reset.


The emblem acquisition issue has been corrected as well.


The emblems “Flawless Victor” and “Victory for All” were not awarded correctly, as the descriptions and judgments were reversed.


We have corrected the judgment and replaced the emblems of players who have already earned emblems under the wrong conditions with the correct emblems.


We will keep making improvements so that more players can enjoy the game.

We hope you will continue to enjoy MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.




MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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For the very first time, a free to play battle royale based on the hit anime series! As a hero, or as a villain, challenge other players in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.

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