Patch Notes

My Hero Ultra Rumble - Patch Notes 1.2.0


The following actions were taken during the maintenance and update on January 25, 2024.


Newly added


  • “Quirk Skill Set” function is added.
  • Switching of “Quirk Skill Set” is implemented on the character selection screen.

*It is available in the “Training mode” even if “Quirk Skill Set” has not been acquired.


  • New stage “U.A. island” is added.

*“U.S.J.” and “U.A. island” are switched every 2 hours.

*“Tutorial”, “Training” and “Custom Match” mode will not switch.


  • “Custom Match” mode is added.
  • Emblem for each season is added as ranking rewards.

*Emblems can be received after the end of the season.


  • Notifications will appear when team-up invitations are received.
  • Rewards are given repeatedly for each specific level of EXP once “Pro License” reaches Rank 50.
  • Indication on the event mission screen is added to make it easier to see when the event is over.

 └ During the event, the remaining time until the end of the event is displayed.

 └ After the event, the remaining time to receive rewards is displayed.


  • Nintendo Switch version supports Gyro Controls.


System improvements


  • Calculation method of Rank Points is changed in “Ranked Match.”

 └ It is changed to evaluate the “team rank.”

 └ It is changed to evaluate the “number of K.O. assists.”

 └ It is changed to evaluate the “total number of team K.O.”

 └ It is changed to evaluate the “ally support points.”

 └ Entry cost is adjusted due to change in evaluation method.

 └ Rank points necessary increase in ranking are adjusted at all ranks.


  • “K.O. assist” specifications are changed.

 └ The number of attacks while the assists are accepted, which previously counted as a "K.O. assist", has been changed to evaluate 1 K.O. assist for 1 K.O.

 └ Actions described below are considered as “K.O. assist.”

   “Recover allies’ HP and GP by using team healing type drinks.”


  • In-game UI is updated

 └ Design for “‘Quirk Skill Cards” is updated.

 └ Category information (α, β, γ) has been added to the abilities set in the lower left corner of the screen.

 └ The number of the player’s K.O. assist is displayed.

 └ The total damage dealt by the player to opponents during in-game is displayed.

 └ A shoulder size indicator has been added next to the Quirk Skill level of the ally in the inventory.

 └ While being down, the count to revive is displayed to the decimal point when the count to revive is less than 10 seconds.


  • Aim assist system is changed.

 └ Assisting target is set to be the opponent close to the reticle while controlling the right stick or left stick.

 └ When the distances from the reticle are equal, the opponent who is closer to the player in front and back distance becomes the assisting target.


  • The function to mute players individually has been added to the "Voice Chat Mute" menu during battle.

 ※ “Mute” setting is reset after each battle.


  • A text effect is also displayed when "Guard Break" or "Down" is performed by an ally to an opponent.
  • When an ability is set in the inventory and it can be combined, the level will be increased.
  • Pressing the auto action button while using an item or opening an item box no longer cancels the action.
  • The time until controls becomes possible after revival by a Revive Card has been shortened.
  • The position of the damage indicator when an attack hits has been adjusted.
  • The effect display of the allies has been adjusted to improve overall screen visibility.
  • The number of rental tickets consumed when using an unowned character has been set for each character individually.

 └ Latest characters consume 3 rental tickets.

 └ Characters previously added consume 2 rental tickets.

 └ Other characters consume 1 rental ticket.


  • Some items in “Setting” menu have been modified.

 └ Setting to turn off “Receive Text Chats” is added.

 └ Setting of " Movement Controls Dead Zone" has been added.

 └ Setting has been added to change the maximum value of "Aim Sensitivity" and "Aim Mode Sensitivity " to 500.

 └ The "Aiming Sensitivity Multiplier" has been removed and an "Aim Controls Dead Zone" setting has been added.

 └ “Aura” display setting has been changed.

 └ The "Show Damage" option has been changed to "no display, single shot display, or total display".

 └ Setting has been added to turn off the "Show/Hide Battle Stats".

  ※ Due to change in "Aura" display settings, it is reset to the default settings displayed to "All".


  • Maps can be opened while moving on the STEAM version.
  • Aim assist is available when using a controller on the STEAM version.
  • STEAM version supports ultrawide monitors.


Character adjustment


【Izuku Midoriya】

  • Quirk skill γ: “Blackwhip”

 └ At Lv. 9, reloading speed has been decreased after one use.

 └ At Lv. 9, reloading speed has been increased when all bullets are used.


【Katsuki Bakugo】

  • Quirk skill α: “AP Shot”

 └ Damage has been decreased on penetration at all levels.


【Ochaco Uraraka】

  • Quirk skill β: “Home Run Comet”

 └ Attack range has been reduced at all levels.

 └ Time until the attack detection has been increased.

  • Quirk skill γ: “Nebulous Space”

 └ Attack range has been expanded at all levels.


【Tenya Iida】

  • Quirk skill α: “Recipro Wheel”

 └ Blowing distance has been increased when it hits an opponent with GP.

 └ Time it takes for the hit opponent to be able to take break-fall has been increased.

  • Quirk skill β: “Recipro Burst”

 └ Duration of super armor has been changed so that it lasts until the attacker finishes triggering the attack.


【Tsuyu Asui】

  • Quirk skill β: “Ribbit Swing”

 └ When used in the air, it tracks the opponent.

  • Air-raid attack

 └ It tracks the opponent.

 └ Blowing distance has been increased when it hits an opponent with GP.


【Denki Kaminari】

  • Fighting attack

 └ Adjusted so that fighting attacks will hit at all levels when trying to hit fighting attacks after triggering Quirk skill γ.


【Momo Yaorozu】

  • Quirk skill β: “Create: Unfalling Castle Wall”

 └ Reloading speed has been increased.

 └ During charging, the opponent's attack from the back hits.

  • Quirk skill γ: “Create: Bullet Rain”

 └ Attack range has been expanded at all levels.


【All Might】

  • Quirk skill γ: “Oklahoma Smash”

 └ Blowing distance has been increased when it hits an opponent with GP.


【Tomura Shigaraki】

  • Special Action: “Collapse Hand”

 └ Blowing distance has been decreased when it hits an opponent.


【Himiko Toga】

  • Quirk skill α: “Jagged Throwing Knife”

 └ The consecutive fire speed has been unified to match Lv. 9.

  • Quirk skill β: “Slasher Killer Knife”

 └ The attack after the second stage can be interrupted by stop holding down.

  • Quirk skill γ: “Blood Sucker”

 └ Transformation by using the Quirk skill γ again from the blood-sucking state has been changed to transformation by using a Special Action.

 └ Transformation time is unified at all levels.


【Itsuka Kendo】

  • Quirk skill β: “Big Fist Shield”

 └ It is adjusted to make it easier to block Tenya Iida’s Quirk skill β: “Recipro Burst.”



  • Quirk skill β: “Load-Bearing Wall”

 └ Height limit for installation has been increased.

 └ If used at a height where it cannot be installed, one will be generated and then broken shortly after.


【Shota Aizawa】

  • Quirk skill γ: “Binding Cloth: Serpent”

 └ Effects have been added to make it easier to see the effect of canceling out the opponent's bullets.



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