MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE - New Stage "U.A. Island”

A new stage of MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE "U.A. Island” where various areas that appeared in the original work gathers.

Compared to the "U.S.J." stages up to Season 2, the stages are wider and feature more buildings, so indoor battles are expected to intensify.


[U.A. High School]


Mhur S3 U.A High School


It places in the middle of “U.A. Island”.

The rooftop is the highest spot on the stage and offers a panoramic view of the entire area.

It’s a place where one can move with an eye on the surrounding battlefield, but it is also the most conspicuous and high-risk location.

Also, the inside of U.A. High School is accessible, so players need to be careful when fighting indoors as well.


[Beach Area]


Mhur S3 Beach Area


“Beach Area” where Midoriya Izuku trained.

Basically, there are no notable buildings, and the area is a stretch of sandy beach.


Beach parasols placed on the beach are also designed to be broken by attacks, so they are unreliable as shields, and frontal clashes will intensify.





Mhur S3 Downtown


The “Downtown" with medium-sized buildings.

The buildings are connected to each other by scaffolding, and it is possible to enter the buildings, so it is important to have a variety of ways to get around the area, both inside and outside.


The positioning will be he dividing point of the battle, whether you can become a winner or loser.





Mhur S3 Suburbs


A "residential area" with rows of houses. There is also a building of Shie Hassaikai.

The area has many short buildings and dense housing.


Detailed planar standing using alleys and streets will determine the outcome of the game.



[Urban Area]


Mhur S3 Urban Area


The "urban area" has many taller buildings than the downtown and suburbs.

This is an area where vertical movement is more important, as many of the buildings are not only tall but also have complex structures both inside and out.



[Shopping Mall]


Mhur S3 Shopping Mall


It’s a motif of a shopping mall that 1-A students visited in the original work.

The area has a second floor and a rooftop, as well as access to the inside of each store.


The inside of the Shopping Mall is complex, with open areas being completely open, while some stores have two floors. It is an area with a lot of variation in the way the battle is fought, depending on the location within the area.



[Parking Lot]


Mhur S3 Parking Lot


The “ParkingLot" is an area adjacent to the Shopping Mall.

It’s a multistory parking lot with third floor and can be accessible from wall windows.


Although pillars and cars, there are relatively few large obstructions, and there will be more frontal fights on each floor.



[Destruction Area]


Mhur S3 Destruction Area


The "Destruction Area" was inspired by Kamino, where All Might and All For One fought.

Although there are still buildings in some places, the area is basically structured with a clear view.


The area can be easily seen from the rooftop of the U.A. High School in the center of the stage, so be careful not to stand out too much during battles.



[Training Camp]


Mhur S3 Training Camp


Setting of Forest Training Camp.

Because it is surrounded by facilities, access from other areas is rather poor and the area is somewhat isolated.


Also, because it is relatively difficult to evacuate the area without interference from the surroundings, the decision to engage in battle should be made with caution.


[Nature Area]


Mhur S3 Nature Area


The "Nature Area" is also a familiar area from Forest Training Camp.

As the name suggests, this is the only area on U.A. Island where nature takes center stage.


The area is overgrown with trees, making it difficult to see and easy to miss opponents, so watch out for those hiding in bushes and rivers.



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