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Hello, My Hero Ultra Rumble players!


We finally launched the game last week!


We are happy to see so many people enjoying the game. We are keeping a close eye on social outlets for your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts!


Server matching concentration and confusing in-game flows are being addressed in updates to make the environment better!


We noticed there was some confusion about ways of obtaining new characters, so we’d like to go over it again for everyone!


There are currently three different ways to obtain characters.





1. Special License

This is a license that will be gradually unlocked as you practice and progress through the battles.


The following characters can be obtained free of charge on this license by acquiring EXP through battles and raising your level!

“Katsuki Bakugo”

“Shoto Todoroki”

“Tsuyu Asui”

“Mr. Compress”

“Himiko Toga”

“All Might”


In addition to these characters, you can also obtain various rewards and characters while raising your personal skills on the battlefield.


If you want to raise your level all at once, you also can do so with Hero Crystals! 1,500 Hero Crystals will raise the level by one. For example, if you use Hero Crystal Set B (5,000 Crystals) to raise the level to 3, you can obtain Bakugo and Todoroki all at once.


This is an introductory license for the game, so the characters and reward items will not be changed in the future.







2. Rolls

You can also obtain new characters through Rolls!

“Eijiro Kirishima”

“Momo Yaoyorozu”

“Ibara Shiozaki”

In addition to these characters, you can also use the Roll feature to obtain new costumes, emotes, and voices!


We are currently distributing many free Roll Tickets as a part of our launch campaign, so please give it a try.


New characters will be added here in the future, with a maximum of four characters in available through Rolls.





3. Characters exchangeable with Character Tickets

The following characters added during the Open Beta Test are also available through exchanging Character Tickets!

“Tenya Ida”

“Denki Kaminari”

“Itsuka Kendo”




You can acquire Character Tickets by spending Hero Souls, which are obtained when a character duplicated when you Roll.


Much like the Roll Tickets, for the first time, we are distributing one in the campaign, and players exchange them for a Character Tickets at a lower rate, so please first try to obtain a Hero Soul by using the free Roll Tickets distributed in the campaign!


The number of characters available through Rolls is limited to four maximum, so characters taken out of Rolls will be available with Character Tickets in the future.







With three acquisition methods, it may feel complicated but once you obtain all the characters in the Special License, you will only have to focus on methods ② and ③.


From now on, the main methods of obtaining characters will be “② Rolls” and “③Characters Tickets for those characters taken out of Rolls”!


Even if you do not have access to a character, this we have a "Rental Ticket" feature that allows you to play all characters on a trial basis!




As some of you may have already realized, these tickets will be distributed free of charge to everyone after a certain amount of time. They are not mission-completion type tickets but rather are distributed to all players!


Please use this ticket to try out the characters you have not yet obtained!


Even though it is a trial, you will not feel the difference as you can set up costumes, emotes, voices, etc., in the same way you would for any character you have permanently unlocked.


We have designed the rewards based on play time and other factors, but since we plan to continue supporting this title, we hope to update it according to everyone's play styles and feedback. We will continue to respond to your comments and questions on this blog, so please come back and check!


See you again in-game and in the next update!


Aoba Miyazaki, Producer of “MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE





MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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For the very first time, a free to play battle royale based on the hit anime series! As a hero, or as a villain, challenge other players in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.

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