MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE – Developer’s Blog VOL. 10

Hello, My Hero Ultra Rumble players!


MHUR team is currently working on internal improvements (server enhancements, in-game navigation, battle adjustments, etc.). So please stay tuned for future updates.


For today’s Dev Blog, I would like to clarify again the details of the seasonal updates, which were explained at Tokyo Game Show!

First about the duration of the Season.

Every season is planned to run approximately two months and new characters will be added in each season!

For Season 1, Shota Aizawa has been added! You can see his skills on X (Twitter) and Instagram so please check it out!




Licenses will be renewed each per season! Play matches to progress through licenses to obtain Hero Crystals (in-game paid currency) as well as limited items!

Rolls will also be updated four times per season.


You can obtain various items that set you apart from other players, such as Plus Ultra Rolls (highest rarity), costumes, change emotes, and voices to express yourself and facilitate communication with your team members!




Three events will be held per season as Mission Events and Battle Events. You can acquire limited costumes only available as event rewards, so aim to complete each event within its period!


As for future seasons, we are planning to introduce new battle rules and systems, so please look forward to them as well.


To summarize,

① A season lasts for about two months.
② New characters will be added each season.
③ Licenses will be also renewed each season.
④ Rolls will be updated four times per season.
⑤ Three events are scheduled to be held per season.
⑥ New rules and battle system are scheduled to be added in upcoming seasons.


We will continue to update the game to make it better and more enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s meet again in-game and in the next update!

Aoba Miyazaki, Producer of “MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE





MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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For the very first time, a free to play battle royale based on the hit anime series! As a hero, or as a villain, challenge other players in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE.

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