Season 1


Welcome to MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Season 1!

The battle of Quirks begins now on the training facility!
Join the stage and take part in fun and challenging games with famous Heroes and Villains from My Hero Academia.

Enjoy various events, collect rewards, customize your characters and aim to be number 1!

3 new U.A. students are joining the roster this season to make the fights even quirkier!

Take a closer look at what we have in store for you!






MHUR Border Yellow


MHUR yaoyorozu

Quirk: Erasure
Role: Technical

Seal your opponent's Quirk and bind them with your cloth! Land sharp strikes on your enemy while they try to figure out what's going on!

[Special Action: Erasure]

Stare down an opponent to block their Quirk Skill.


MHUR yaoyorozu

Quirk: Creation
Role: Support

Create anything out of thin air except for living things! Use the weapons and items you create to help your allies!
[Special Action: Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag ]
Create Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag to obtain an item.

mhur yaoyorozu screenshot


MHUR kirishima

Quirk: Hardening
Role: Assault

Full-body hardening for attack and defense! Take this, the manliest of manly attacks!
[Special Action: Hardening]
Turns into Full Armor mode for a certain amount of time, increasing defense and making it so attacks no longer cause flinching.

mhur yaoyorozu screenshot

MHUR yaoyorozu

Quirk: Vines
Role: Support

Manipulate your vine-line hair at will! Take away your opponent's freedom with long-range and capturing attacks!
[Special Action: Faith's Shield]
Wrap a downed ally in thorns to revive them.

mhur yaoyorozu screenshot




MHUR Border Yellow


MHUR Gacha Banner


The first banner of the game will feature the League of Villains in Disguise!

New costume banners will be released approximately every 2 weeks.

Don’t miss you chance to get these limited costumes!



MHUR Border Yellow


MHUR Mission Event EN


Mission Event

The Mission Event will be the first event of the game!
Meet specific conditions during the event period to obtain items!


Ochako Uraraka Hero Costume Beta ver.
Tsuyu Asui Hero Costume (Villain Style)
Ochako Uraraka Emote "A Little Shy"
Ochako Uraraka Voice "Cautious"

MHUR Mission Event EN


Battle Event

Obtain points based on your battle results and use them to get different kind of items!


Izuku Midoriya Hero Costume (Combat)
Katsuki Bakugo Hero Costume (Villain Style)
Izuku Midoriya Emote "Caution"
Izuku Midoriya Voice "Cautious"



MHUR Border Yellow


MHUR Pro LicenseBanner


Want to see All Might in a suit?

Get exclusive costumes, unique voices, Hero Crystals, Roll Tickets, and more with the Battle Pass!

There’s no better way to go PLUS ULTRA, right?



All Might Striped Suit
Izuku Midoriya Hero Costume (Heat)
Eijiro Kirishima Mask Off Alpha ver.(combat)
Itsuka Kendo Mask Off (Combat)
Izuku Midoriya Emote "Call For Help"
All Might Emote "Good job!"