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Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears as you help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal!

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Confront your childhood fears in this darkly whimsical tale, set in an immersive world of great sensibility, interactive storytelling and outstanding sound design. Discover the foul secrets of The Maw and survive the attentions of its monstrous residents as you bid to help Six escape to the world outside.



Explore a disturbingly charming dollhouse, a place that is both prison and playground. Peek into Six’s world, part dream, part nightmare, where every step feels like a leap, and every shadow a vast darkness! Start from the bottom of The Hull and look for a way to The Above.



Each room is a cell, each resident a threat, and both are puzzles to untangle. Reconnect with your inner child, unleash your imagination, and stay out of harm’s way. Master Six’s every movement in a super-sized world where even the smallest doubt can lead to a fatal misstep.


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The Lady

A watchful eye

With graceful restraint, The Lady casts the hypnotic spell that keeps the engine running. Amidst the chaos of the world outside, The Maw is the only place that makes sense, and now this rumour of an escaped child threatens everything.  Nothing can be allowed to interfere. The guests must eat. The Maw must survive.

The Guests

Full to bursting

The Guests are an essential part of The Maw’s life-cycle. Herded into the large hall, they slump into their bowing stools, and there they feed. Without taste, without need, without end. And then they leave, one way or another.

The Janitor

The Man With The Long Arms

With long forgotten things from long forgotten places, he fled the world and found The Maw. Now as The Janitor he is a tall tale hiding in the shadows, stalking the silence, a monster alone.



In the dark, moist corners of The Maw, the leeches writhe as one, awaiting the swollen wanderers. Slimy, venomous parasites that feed on the living - the leeches truly belong here.

The Twin Chefs

A Pair of Brutes

With a love of violence and a feeling for meat, the twins were born to be chefs.  As they shuffle across the cold floor, chopping, mincing, preparing the feast, the Twin Chefs sense something that makes their skin itch. A dirty, unwelcome presence. Vermin will not be tolerated in the kitchen.


Playful oddities

Unpredictability can be found throughout The Maw, and so can The Nomes. Though experience has taught them to be skittish, some still try to make friends with strangers. These Nomes rarely survive.


A hungry child

Trapped in the darkest depths of The Maw, starving and alone, Six's world is one filled with danger. Most children would have already given up, but Six is different. She's smart, and tough, and has a lovely yellow raincoat. She belongs elsewhere.


Little Nightmares® reaches 2 million players worldwide, and will be available on Google Stadia June 1st
26 May 2020 19

Little Nightmares® reaches 2 million players worldwide, and will be available on Google Stadia June 1st

LITTLE NIGHTMARES soundtrack released on all major music services
08 November 2018 28

LITTLE NIGHTMARES soundtrack released on all major music services

Making of the Nintendo Switch Trailer
06 June 2018 40

Making of the Nintendo Switch Trailer

Face your childhood fears on Switch!
18 May 2018 32

Face your childhood fears on Switch!

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