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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - Message from Brand Director Kazutoki Kono

Question 1: On January 17, 2023, "Ace Combat 7" celebrated its 5th anniversary. Please tell us again how you feel now.

Answer: I am simply amazed that it has already been 5 years! Even after the release of the game, we continued to develop DLC, and now we have the Nintendo Switch™ version, so it feels like 7 has been going on for a long time. As I always repeat, I am grateful for the support of our fans over the past five years. Thank you very much.


Question 2: I was surprised by the release announcement of "Ace7" for Nintendo Switch. How did the development of the game begin?

Answer: It was Producer Shimomoto's idea. He jumped in and said, "Mr. Kono, maybe we can guarantee a quality product that can be released! We are always looking for more people to play our games, so we are always looking for new users. We have always wanted more people to play our games, so if we can achieve a quality that meets the expectations of our users, we would definitely like to do it. So, at first, we started small with technical verification to see if it was really feasible.


Question 3: When it comes to "Ace7", I imagine that the "sky" such as clouds and "thunder" are wonderfully expressed in the game. How are they reproduced in the Nintendo Switch version?

Answer: We started with a technical test: could we maintain a comfortable frame rate for gameplay while making as little visual modification as possible? We took careful steps to ensure reproducibility.If the reproducibility of clouds and thunderstorms was very poor, we would stop development in the middle of the process. As a result, one of the pillars of Ace Combat 7, "Innovation in the Skies," has been reproduced in the Nintendo Switch™ version almost flawlessly.


Question 4: What other difficulties did you encounter in making the ported version?

Answer: To be honest, the Ace Combat team did not have the knowledge of porting the game, as this will be our first release on Nintendo hardware in a long time. This time, we decided to make it happen with the help of outside development and with the supervision of the 7 staff. The hardest work must have been done by the outside development staff who helped us to improve the reproduction. Thank you very much. We would also like to thank Producer Hagiwara for his hard work on his first project.


Question 5: What do you think is the unique good thing about the Nintendo Switch version? *I have the impression that the portable mode seems to be easier to play. ......."

Answer:" The concept of the Nintendo Switch™ - "Anytime, anywhere, with anyone." We hope that you will make full use of its portability, whether you carry Ace Combat 7 wherever you go and play it in your spare time, or get together with friends and have a great time playing online.

  • Online multiplayer is not compatible with local multiplayer.


Question 6: I believe that there are many game fans who are experiencing "Ace" works for the first time with the Nintendo Switch version. Please tell us again about the appeal of this work.

Answer: In this "ultra-realistic flying game," you can enjoy thrilling dogfights with beautiful and spectacular visuals. We are confident that the story that unfolds in real time via wireless during the game will give players chills, and once you get used to the 3D flight controls, you will enjoy the sense of speed and freedom of the air combat shooting experience.


Question 7: As a fan of the series, I am of course looking forward to the Nintendo Switch version of "Ace7" and I am also looking forward to the future of PROJECT ACES. Please tell us about what you would like to challenge in the future with the "Ace" series. I'm sure there are many things you can't tell us, but we would appreciate your comments that will heighten our expectations for the future.

Answer: We are in the midst of a challenge right now, and if we add more challenges, the development team at BANDAI NAMCO ACES won't be able to keep their mouths shut. I can't talk about it yet, but there are times when I check the output and wonder if it really works at this quality, and then I think, " it really does work!" Sometimes it's like, "Well, I tried this idea, but it's not working. We are creating a greedy, royal Ace Combat".


ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN is set to release on July 11th for Nintendo Switch and is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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Putting gamers in the cockpit of the most advanced war planes ever developed, ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown delivers a fierce air combat experience through photorealistic visuals, intense dog-fighting action, a multitude of authentic and futuristic aircraft to fly, an immersive storyline, and even virtual reality!

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