Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo

Perfect Blend

Country of origin: Peru​

Fighting style: Mixed Martial Arts (Striker)


Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo, known better as the "Coffee Queen," is beloved for her innocent personality and her fearless fighting style as an MMA champion. The only daughter of the family who owns Ortiz Farm, a coffee plantation located 2000 meters above sea level, Azucena grew up observing her father's trade and dreamed of becoming the world's best coffee farmer. To make her dream come true, a young Azucena conducted countless experiments by cultivating new coffee plants based on her novel ideas. Although adults around her rejected her ideas time and again, Azucena used their rejection to motivate herself and continued to refine her daring spirit. A few years later, Azucena's efforts finally bore fruit, and her coffee beans were awarded the highest quality rating at a world-renowned trade fair, making her a rising star within the industry.