Alisa Bosconovitch

Destroying Automaton

Country of origin: Russia

Fighting style: Thruster-Based High-Mobility Fighting Style

Alisa Bosconovitch is an android built for the sole purpose of protecting Jin Kazama, the former head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Designed to always abide by Jin's orders, Alisa's control over her own actions was temporarily overridden by her master, forcing her to engage in a battle to the death against Lars Alexandersson, despite her feelings for him. The battle caused her systems to shut down. However, thanks to the efforts of Lars and others, Alisa is miraculously rebooted and is now a member of the rebel army. Yet, Alisa noticed a worrying development. Information regarding Lars frequently interrupts her thought processes and causes her temperature to rise. Believing it to be a critical malfunction, Alisa begs her creator, Dr. Bosconovitch, to fix her. After a few weeks, she receives a major update and learns some surprising truths: There was no malfunction to be found. What's more, the function that Jin had used to control her—such as when he commanded her to fight Lars—no longer exists."Go on, now. You are free. You may do as you like." Dr. Bosconovitch gives her a gentle smile, and for a moment, Alisa thinks she sees a faint resemblance to someone she once knew. She smiles back. As she flies home, she quietly makes a promise to herself: "This time around, I'll use my own free will... This time, I choose to fight at Lars's side."