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TEKKEN 8 – TEKKEN Fight Lounge Walkthrough

Welcome back, warriors!

Let’s have a look at the exciting new features and areas that awaits you.




Let’s start with a walkthrough of the brand-new social hub: the TEKKEN FIGHT LOUNGE!


Tekken 8 Fight Lounge Lobby



The entrance lobby is where you will first step in the Fight Lounge. After creating your own customized avatar, you will encounter other players and interact with them through textual chat and emote, as well as pulling up their profiles to add them as friends – or rivals!


The Battle Area, where you can play against other players who have gathered and watch their matches, and the Customization Shop, where you will be able to customize your avatar with fight money.




Tekken 8 Battle Area


The Battle Area is where you will be able to find and fight your opponents in various types of matches. There are multiple ways to fight there:


  • Ranked Matches: Get matched against opponents that are on the same skill level as you.
  • Quick Matches: Get matched against any player, regardless of rank or skill for fast matchmaking.
  • Group Matches: Get randomly matched with players sitting in the same group of arcades in the Battle Area


And if you found a rival – or a friend you like fight against -, this is where you will be able to start Ghost Battles to train against them.

Tekken 8 Battle Area GP1

Tekken 8 Battle Area Ranked




For each round, data of your fighting style will be gathered to create your own ghost data – people will be able to fight against it, if they want to.

But to select the right Ghost Battle, you need to find the right opponent! Thanks to player profiles, you will be able to bring up information about other players and check what their strengths and weaknesses are, such as their technique, aggressiveness and defense skills.




However, keep in mind that the statistics on a player profile are global, and not for specific characters – they may be much better with one character than another, so keep this in mind when training against them!

You can also check out your own statistics in order to see which of your skills need to be honed.

The Play Style Chart (the pentagonal one) and Player Statistics (showing the top three strengths) are visualizations of the player's strengths and characteristics.




Tekken 8 Battle Area Ranked


What’s the point of having Fight Money if you can’t spend it on the latest hot trends?

The customization shop is where you will be able to spend you hard earned fight prize money on the drip of your dreams for your Arcade avatar.

You will also be able buy custom name plates, titles and profile information backgrounds – there’s plenty of options to make you stand out from the others!


Tekken 8 My Profile






TEKKEN™8 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam


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TEKKEN 8, the brand-new entry in the legendary TEKKEN franchise, brings the fight to the new generation!

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