TEKKEN 7's Season 3 Winter updates

28 October 2019

Last Sunday at Tekken Tokyo Masters we revealed new content and details about Season Pass 3, which will feature some tools to help players improve their fighting skills. Below is a short overview and recap of what has been covered and what’s coming soon:


Replay/Practice mode (free content)

This tool will assist players by going over match footage and pointing out where they could have punished their opponents during rounds.

If there’s a better choice, the recommended action will appear as “advice” on the player’s screen.


Content of Advice

  • “Recommendation of Punishment” and “Recommendation of Combo”
  • The character’s face or pose will change depending on success or failure of punishment or combo


DLC 13 Frame Data Display

The frame data display features will be part of the paid DLC package. 2 types of displays will be available: Detailed and Simplified.


Detailed Display

  • The main characteristic is that frame advantage is displayed in Blue, and disadvantage is displayed in Red.

Tekken 7 - Detailed Display


Simplified Display

  • Frame numbers are not displayed
  • Frame advantage is displayed in Blue
  • Frame disadvantage is displayed in Red

Tekken 7 - Simple display


For moves with advantage/disadvantage under 10 frames: Advantage will be shown in light blue, disadvantage in light red.

For moves with advantage/disadvantage over 10 frames: Advantage will be shown in deep blue, and disadvantage in deep red.

You will be able to enjoy these displays in other modes including casual online player matches to better figure out the flow of battle and how to punish your opponents.


Expanded Practice Functionality (free content)

  • Added Sample Combos: this will be expanded in the menus to include more possible options of varying difficulties.
  • Practice function for punishment

This function will help players practice punishment. There will be a normal mode and an expert mode.

  • Normal mode: the opponent’s moves will follow the movelist order. Until you successfully punish them, the same move will be repeated. You won’t proceed to the next move until you manage to punish the previous one.
  • Expert mode: the opponent’s moves will show up randomly. Even if you fail, you will proceed to the next move.


Bearded Man Set: Suit, Sunglasses, Hairstyle, Beard (free content)

Bearded Man Set (initially an April Fools’ joke) will actually be coming to Tekken 7 to dress up fighters with the following director items:

  • Bearded Man Hairstyle
  • Bearded Man Sunglasses
  • Bearded Man Style
  • Bearded Man Suit

Tekken 7 - Beard

Tekken 7 - Paul Battle

Tekken 7 - Kazuya


If you missed the announcement and want more details about these features, click here to watch the full announcement by Katsuhiro Harada, General Manager of Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Michael Murray, Producer on Tekken 7.


As a reminder, the Frame Data Display, Expanded Practice Functionality and Bearded Man Set will be coming in Winter 2019. The replay and tips function will be available shortly after.

The new character and stage are still planned for Spring 2020.

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