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Discover more about SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada customisation is in this new trailer

SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada, is a Sci-Fi third-person shooter developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Set in the world of Amasia, players will incarnate “Drifters”, as they look to loot AO crystals, a rare resource. The game lets players interact with other Drifters joining players to help them in their missions or turn against them, hindering their progress or fighting to loot their precious resources. Drifters are accompanied by a Magus, an artificial intelligence to help them on the battlefield, and a CRADLECOFFIN, an armed vehicle to defend themselves against the threats of Amasia.


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The game's new trailer goes on the various customisation and skills available for the Magus. Players can customise their Magus’ face and outfit, with plenty of options, to become their AI companion with whom they will create a bond fighting together on the battlefield. The CRADLECOFFIN will also be customisable, with various archetypes and weapons, letting players find the perfect match for their playstyle, with the right combination of Magus and CRADLECOFFIN.


SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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The brand-new Sci-Fi universe from Bandai Namco group.

Xbox Series X|S