Patch Notes

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris Maintenance Notice

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris will be under maintenance during the following times. Certain contents will be restricted during the maintenance for network improvements. Please see Contents restricted during the maintenance” for details.


August 27th 10AM-4PM(JST)*

August 27th 3AM-9AM(CEST)*
August26th 6PM- August 27th 12AM(PST)*

*The maintenance schedule is subject to change without notice


Contents restricted during the maintenance:


CUBE Items

  • During maintenance, players will not be able to use items obtained through CUBE. CUBE items used or quipped before the maintenance may not function properly during maintenance.
  • Items obtained through CUBE such as costumes, accessories, weapon skins and emotes, cannot be equipped during the maintenance.
  • Any CUBE items equipped before maintenance may become un-equipped when changing maps during the maintenance.
  • Emotes obtained from CUBE will temporary disappear from the inventory, and cannot be used during the maintenance. All emotes will re-appear once the maintenance is completed.


Daily quests

  • Daily quests cannot be accepted during maintenance
  • Any rewards granted by completing a daily quest cannot be obtained during the maintenance. Rewards will be obtainable after the maintenance is completed.


Multiplayer/Wayfarer data

  • Multiplayer will be playable during the maintenance.
  • Uploading and downloading wayfarer data can still be done during maintenance.


As a token of our gratitude, we are gifting CUBE tickets and Exchange tickets to all players who play the game before the maintenance.


Exchange tickets and CUBE tickets listed below will automatically be added to each player’s inventory after the maintenance is complete.



2 L-Tickets, 3 SR-Tickets, 4 R-Tickets, 20 CUBE tickets.


Players who play on all platforms (PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM®) and have logged in online from the game’s release date to before the maintenance start date (August 27th 3AM-9AM CEST)* will receive the above gifts.


Please note that the above tickets will only be sent to players who logged into the game before maintenance starts.


Exchange tickets can be used in the SAO shop which is planned for September or later. Stay tuned for updates!


Thank you very much for your continued support.


Release Date:

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris, the latest game based on one of the most popular Anime stories ever made, will immerse you into the perfectly represented virtual world “Underworld” set in the Alicization arc.

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