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SAND LAND - Ready for a new thirsty adventure?

It all happened some 50 years ago… Men's mad endeavours coupled with an onslaught of natural disasters caused this once small desert to swallow most of the world, which is now known as SAND LAND. Only remain a water source controlled and exploited by the King, who's selling bottles at an expensive price.

Sand Land Beelzebub Water

As Sheriff Rao noticed some birds that subsist on freshwater fishes, he strongly believes that another oasis exists: the Legendary Spring. Rao knows he cannot undertake this dangerous  journey alone and travels to the Demon Village then, where he meets Beelzebub, the Fiend Prince.


With the consent of the King of Demons, Beelzebub and his chaperone Thief join Sheriff Rao on the thirstiest adventure ever, searching the world for this life-saving spring.

Sand Land Beelzebub Water


As they progress in their journey, the group realises that heat and thirst are not their only enemies: the General Are, accompanied by the Royal Army, will pursue Beelzebub and his companions around the world.


Sand Land Beelzebub Water


Gather your strengths, as this mission will not be restful!

Explore the SAND LAND, and don't let you guard down too soon, or you might be defeated by bandits or desert predators.

Are you ready to save the world ?



SAND LAND will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam


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Sand Land Beelzebub Water




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Dive into a desert world where both humans and demon suffer from an extreme water shortage. Play as and watch the Fiend Prince, Beelzebub, Sheriff Rao and demon Thief set off on an adventure in search of a Legendary Spring hidden in the desert.

Xbox Series X|S

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