Park Beyond: Beyond eXtreme

Blaize’s career is skyrocketing and this calls for a mind-blowing celebration. Join her in creating a brand-new festival park that is perfect for DAREDEVILS, STUNTWOMEN, and ADRENALINE JUNKIES!

Park Beyond ’s first Theme Word, Beyond eXtreme, which adds a touch of the 90’s extreme sport vibe to any park with two new missions to take on, crazy entertainers, new rides designed with daredevils in mind, and loads of scenery items to create an explosive atmosphere for visitors.

Beyond eXtreme is part of the Annual Pass and is available separately for purchase on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Blaize can’t get enough of the eXtremes! So naturally, she tried to clone herself! Of course, mixing explosions and science is tricky at the best of times, so it’s no surprise that something went wrong and now the whole park is full of Blaizes! There is only one way to fix this mess: Go beyond the eXtreme and create rides that can turn even her iron stomach and make her too nauseated to ride again. Because let’s be honest, one Blaize is more than enough for this world. Two new campaign Missions are awaiting you with a total of 6h additional play time on two new maps, which you also can use in the Sandbox mode.


Festival Of Fearless


Multiples of Mayhem


The over the top meets the eXtreme – let your visitors feel the Adrenaline rush, with this festival and metal inspired flat rides. Laser shooting T-Rex, saws and of course, fires, all available in the two new Flat Rides. Don’t miss the new Track Type! The Inverted Rollercoaster will give park goers a totally new perspective on your park.

Jet Hunter


New Coasters & Track Type

Quad Half Pipe




Beyond eXtreme - Theme World includes the following extreme content:

2 Missions

250+ Scenery Objects

9 Building Prefabs

2 Flat Rides

2 Entertainers and Impossification

2 Modules and Coaster Cars

1 Track Type

2 Sandbox Maps

and more



Park Beyond is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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