5 tips you should know before playing NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS

Choose the gameplay that suits you best!

For the first time in a STORM series, you get to choose your style of gameplay!


Players can now choose their gameplay by playing with the normal or simple control style! 

Players can of course switch from one mode to another.


Simple Control Style

If you are new to the Naruto STORM series, using the simple control style is the easiest way to discover how to use your favorite characters step by step. By continuously pressing a single button, you can unleash the strongest combos, which will help you manage your chakra and life bars!


With this user-friendly control mode, you can prioritize having fun to the fullest and become one of the best ninjas at the speed of lightning!


It’s the best mode for the special spamming buttons technique fans!






Normal Control Style

If you’re a seasoned ninja, or once you have mastered the substitution timing and chakra gathering method, you are ready to select the normal control style.


Either play offline with friends, or online against players all over the world, with destructively well-timed attacks!


With the normal control style, you can be more agile with your attack and defense. You can choose when and which combo to use to dodge your opponent's attack or break their guard.


Try both control options to see which one suits your fighting style and have the best of fun!




Learn the basics to wipe out your opponent

When starting your first fight in NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS, you will see bars and icons on the screen.


To use your characters to their fullest, take a good look at the three bars at the top of your screen.


Health Gauge

The first one is your character’s health gauge that will decrease when the opponent hits you!


The health gauge will have three distinct colors that each represent the phase: green, yellow, and red. If the green gauge gets to empty first, then the second, yellow gauge appears, indicating that you have reached half-life.


If your health gauge is about to run out, the gauge color will turn to red. Once the gauge becomes completely empty, the round ends!

Additionally, you can unlock special rewards if you beat your opponent with more than 50% of your health gauge.


Chakra gauge

The second most important bar is the chakra gauge, represented by a blue gauge on your screen. This bar represents the chakra you have available during the fight, to launch attacks.


From basic to advanced moves, the amount of chakra will determine the type of attack. The key will be to manage a good amount of chakra during the battle, so use your chakra wisely!


You can also hold a button to refuel your chakra. Be careful with the timing, though, as the opponents can try to attack you while refueling your chakra!


Storm gauge

Lastly, the smallest gauge you can see on your screen below the chakra gauge is the Storm gauge.

By taking hits and successfully hitting your opponent, this gauge will automatically fill up.


If you have less than half of your health gauge, the Storm gauge will completely fill up. When the Storm gauge is filled up, you can either activate a combination secret technique, a secret technique or unleash the awakening form!


Now stronger, faster, and boosted to the max, you can change the tide of the fight with this short-timed buff!


Your awakened form has special combos to take down the opponent, but all the chakra will be consumed. Use it strategically to achieve victory.


1. Health Gauge

2. Enemy Health Gauge

3. Chakra Gauge

4. Storm Gauge

5. Substitution Ninjutsu

6. Team members

7. Battle Items

8. Timer




Too many characters to choose from? Turn that to your advantage!

With the largest roster of the series, you now have more than 130 characters to fight with.


Find your favorite character or the game's strongest character here!


If you are a fan, you may have noticed that some characters in Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto have various forms. If you are looking for one specific form, you can be sure to find it in this new Naruto game!


All characters have similar gameplay patterns, but their fighting styles differ, giving you an advantage depending on the form you select.


Some characters are better for fast-paced gameplay, like Minato with his teleportation jutsu for quick attacks. He can even attack from far away in an instant. Ino and Shikamaru are good for long-range attacks if you prefer to stay safe and attack from a distance.


In this new STORM game, you'll discover new characters that have never been seen in previous games! Use this novelty to your advantage and surprise your opponent with brand new moves and techniques!


Be cautious, as this plan may not effectively work in the long run, and someone could potentially use it against you. But... isn't that part of the fun?

Try out all the characters if you dare and choose your new STORM favorite!




Experiment with the three-man squad form to unleash their full potential

When choosing the main fighter, you’ll notice that there are still two other slots available to choose the characters.


NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS is a 3vs3 fighting game, where you play all 3 characters of your team.


The team will share a single health gauge. Also, for this first time, you will be able to choose 2 ninjutsu per playable character, meaning that up to 6 different ninjutsu can be used throughout the game!


You will be able to change your fighter during the battle to use their assigned ninjutsu, so be strategic!

You can summon the other characters to support the battle multiple times. The support characters can bother your opponent during a combo and can also distract the opponent while you charge chakra.


Be careful when summoning support characters, as they will immediately attack and then retreat, leaving you alone temporarily to regain energy.

Try to summon them one at a time to avoid being alone versus the three! 


When creating your team, be strategic by choosing between long-range fighters, close combat fighters, or a combination of both. During the fight, you'll have to change your character depending on the progress of the battle.

Infinite combinations are possible with a team of 3 fighters. Experiment different combinations to find the one that suits you best!


Combination Secret Technique

When choosing your main character, you will see markings that will appear on the other available characters. These markings mean that a combination secret technique is available involving these 2 characters!


The game has many combo techniques, some are obvious (like Naruto and Sasuke) while others can be... quite surprising. Now it's up to you to discover them all!


Secret Technique Finish

Finally, unlock a Secret Technique Finish by choosing 3 special characters! When you select your main fighter, you will mark support characters, just like the special combo technique.


Choose all 3 that work together to unlock the most devastating techniques and discover new cinematics! 




To help you out: you can team up Boruto with Naruto and Hinata to unlock a Combination Secret Technique... The family reunites!

If you don’t want to handle 3 characters at once, you can also choose to only select two, or one.



Customize your favorite characters to adapt them to your fighting style

You can of course customize your character’s appearance thanks to the variety of accessories that are available!




However, there is more to these explanations, and this is not everything... So, let's get back to business: you’d like to know how to use your fighting skills to their full potential, right?


When choosing your main fighter, lead, or support, you can pick their attacks based on your fighting style for maximum effectiveness.


POV: You love a character’s design, but they are a chunin and all you want is their Kage attack. Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS allows you to swap their attributed attacks for some other (from their characters panel).


Beware shinobi! Make sure you unlock your special combos by checking whether your team leader's attacks reflect the support you have.



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Legendary ninjas reunite!

The largest character roster in Ultimate Ninja STORM history!  

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