Welcome Back to the Nowhere in Little Nightmares III

Little Nightmares III

Hello there, little ones. It’s been a while since your last visit. 


If you’re reading this, you almost certainly survived the Maw’s horrifying restaurant, or the Pale City’s hypnotic TV signal. But, this time, we’re taking you somewhere new yet familiar. 


Yes, welcome back to the Nowhere, welcome to Little Nightmares III




In Little Nightmares III, you can choose to either face your childhood fears alone, or with a friend, using the new online co-op feature – a first in the franchise’s history. 


You’ll play as Low and Alone, two children desperately seeking a way out of this distorted world and attempting to escape an even greater threat lurking in the shadows. 


Just like other Visitors of the Nowhere we’ve met before, Low and Alone are up against a dark world that despises and destroys everything that children represent.


Curiosity, playfulness, bravery – anyone who dares to display these types of behaviors in the Nowhere will quickly draw the attention of the nearest Resident. 


Using Low’s bow and arrows and Alone’s wrench, you’ll be able to confront these deepest and darkest fears well equipped… But be sure to use these items wisely, as there are many new and dangerous challenges that await you as you travel across the Spiral.


Courage, wits, and imagination will be crucial to your survival. 




Your nightmare will begin in the desolate sands and ruins of the Necropolis, a city known for its eternal energy and certain death.


Despite the ceaseless motion of creaking sails turned by gusting winds, the Necropolis is now more of a ghost town.


It’s uncertain as to what happened to its original inhabitants, the Dwellers, but the first Resident we’ll encounter here might have played her part in bringing the city to its current state. 




Monster Baby is the first new Resident in Little Nightmares III.


Not really your typical baby – her playfulness is questionable, as much as are her intentions.


Mind her swiveling eye, as she won’t let any intruder toddle through her playground as if it were an innocent game of hide-and-seek. 




If you think you’ll be coming prepared, needless to say that Monster Baby is far from the only danger our new Visitors will face. Just wait until we tell you more about this nightmare… 


Little Nightmares III will release on PS5 & PS4, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2024


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Now, close your eyes, little ones, but listen up. We have more news for you. 


We’re also releasing a new original story set in the Little Nightmares universe with a podcast series called "The Sounds of Nightmares."  




Follow the story of Noone, a young girl dealing with ever-worsening nightmares. During her private therapy sessions with her Counsellor Otto, she confides in him about her disturbing dreams.


As their sessions unfold, the events that she recounts seem to collide with Otto’s hidden past… 


Episodes 1 & 2 are available now on your favorite podcatcher app, and one new episode will be released each week to complete the 6-episode series.   


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All right, children, we’ll see you in your dreams... 

Little Nightmares III

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Embark on a new adventure in the unique world of Little Nightmares. In Little Nightmares III, you’ll guide Low & Alone as they search for a path that could lead them out of the Nowhere. 

Face your childhood fears together with a friend using online co-op, or solo with an AI companion. 

Xbox Series X|S
Xbox One