The sounds of nightmares podcast celebrates more than a million listens

Bandai Namco Europe is proud to announce The Sounds of Nightmares, the eerie psychological thriller podcast, has been listened more than a million times. The six episodes are available on all major streaming platforms.


In The Sounds of Nightmares, follow the story of Noone, a timid young girl, committed to The Counties Psychiatric Institute due to her ever-worsening nightmare disorder. She is placed under the care of The Counsellor who has dedicated his life to helping kids overcome their ailments. As their sessions unfold, The Counsellor's past and Noone's nightmares are destined to collide.


Along with the different episodes, listeners will get deeper into Noone’s head and her nightmares and be immersed in the various places she visits when she sleeps. They will feel in the same position than Otto questioning the reality of this dreamlike world as they go deeper and deeper to understand what is going on.


The The Sounds of Nightmares is the newest transmedia project in the Little Nightmares franchise, as Bandai Namco Europe continues to explore new ways to tell more stories from the Little Nightmares universe. This new podcast comes after two games, available on consoles and PC, that have sold more than 12 million units, a mobile game, and comic books.


This podcast series has been a collaborative work, spearheaded by Lonnie Nadler as showrunner and Thomas Rozes as director. Episodes have been written by Lonnie Nadler, Eugene Myers, Supermassive Games, developer of Little Nightmares III, as well as two members of the Little Nightmares community, Mike Bambridge (aka SuperHorrorBro) and It’s Just Jord. The episode 3, while written by Lonnie Nadler was also adapted from an original nightmare idea from one of our community members that was selected through a community contest. The Sounds of Nightmares is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.


“We are very proud of the success of this new entry in the Little Nightmares universe, said Lucas Roussel, Content Creation & Publishing Director at Bandai Namco Europe. “Working on how to put words & voices to a story that’s has been non-verbal until now has been a very interesting challenge, and we believe the result has pleased both fans and newcomers. We are continuing to explore new places to tell stories to everyone, no matter their preferred medium and continue to expand the rich and deep Little Nightmares lore along with our community.”


"I feel a very strong creative affinity for Little Nightmares, and the opportunity to tell stories in this world has been a wonderful experience,” said Lonnie Nadler, Showrunner on The Sounds of Nightmares. “Exploring the characters of Noone and Otto was made even more enriching thanks to the amazing collaborators who helped bring them to life: the voice actors, Tobias Lilja, composer and sound designer on the first two games, and director Thomas Rozès. Of course, it was also a pleasure to work with a passionate team of other writers, including members of the community."



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