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Little Nightmares III – The Necropolis Gameplay Walkthrough

Note: This first look gameplay walkthrough was captured on a pre-alpha build of Little Nightmares III, with two players using the new co-op mode.


Hello there, dear Visitor. It’s such a delight to have you join us in the NECROPOLIS for this introduction to the very first chapter of Little Nightmares III.


You’ll play as Low and Alone, two children seeking a way out of the Nowhere and attempting to escape an even greater threat lurking in the shadows.


The nightmare begins in a strange and unsettling city powered by gusting winds and known for certain death – the Necropolis. Join these two little ones as they attempt to face the many hidden hazards of these desolate sands and ruins, equipped with Low’s bow and arrows and Alone’s wrench. Try to creep carefully, though… No one gets to toddle through Monster Baby's playground without a little game of hide and seek. 


Let’s take our first tour of the land, shall we?




At the beginning of the chapter, Low and Alone are ejected from what appears to be a mirror, bringing them to the middle of a desert, surrounding the Necropolis. As Low helps Alone get back on her feet, they decide to confront the raging wind and their long walk across the desert thus begins.



Let’s fast forward a little and focus on some of the first co-op puzzles that you’ll need to solve in this chapter. Both characters’ iconic items will each be crucial at some point, meaning that you’ll either need Low’s bow and arrows or Alone’s wrench to move forward. Let’s take a look at this first puzzle where Low and Alone need to cross a huge gap.




Alone is the only one who can get it to close by using her wrench to grip the bolts and rotate the wooden mechanism. Low can then easily cross the bridge and use his bow and arrows to snap the rope holding the mechanism in place, allowing Alone, in turn, to join him on the other side.




There are also puzzles that don’t require any items, meaning that Low and Alone can undertake the role of their choice. This second puzzle is a great example of that. Either Low or Alone can decide to rotate the wooden wheel to lift the crate and allow the other to climb up to the next level. The latter can then pull the lever and help their friend join them.




As you’ve already been made aware, the Necropolis is the home of Monster Baby, one of the new Residents whose eye swivels in its socket as her gaze pulses with menace. In this game of hide and seek, we might recommend sneaking rather than seeking… 


You first meet Monster Baby when you walk into a room that has been completely wrecked by one of her gigantic arms. Her hand is just lying there, motionless and covered with rubble. As you get closer, she suddenly grasps the debris, including a poor crow that came to visit…



A statue, a beetle, lost children… Whenever she finds something to play with, Monster Baby will not think twice before snatching it from the collapsing building. Our advice when that happens: RUN.




Later, you’ll arrive in the catacombs of the Necropolis, a place crawling with beetles. While Monster Baby might see these foul creatures as potential toys, Low and Alone will need to defend themselves against them. 


To take down a beetle, use Low’s bow and arrows to shoot it down and Alone’s wrench to crush and finish it off. Hurry up, though… there seems to be more than just one.




Shortly after making it back to the surface, you’ll find two dusty umbrellas in a wooden closet that will come in useful for navigating the ruins, thanks to the everlasting sandy winds of the Necropolis



As the end of this playthrough session approaches, the final encounter with Monster Baby is quite intriguing, to say the least. As she reaches to grab Low and Alone, the two children suddenly wake up … or do they?


Little Nightmares III is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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Little Nightmares III

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Embark on a new adventure in the unique world of Little Nightmares. In Little Nightmares III, you’ll guide Low & Alone as they search for a path that could lead them out of the Nowhere. 

Face your childhood fears together with a friend using online co-op, or solo with an AI companion. 

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