The Sounds of Nightmares



The first audio fiction series from the world of Little Nightmares

Noone, a timid young girl, is committed to The Counties Psychiatric Institute due to her ever-worsening nightmare disorder. She is placed under the care of The Counsellor who has dedicated his life to helping kids overcome their ailments, himself a product of childhood trauma. As their sessions unfold, The Counsellor's past and Noone's nightmares are destined to collide.

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Chapter 1

The Workers in the Walls



Noone has been in the Counties Psychatric Institute for a fortnight now. Despite a remarkable medical history, her 
mental state seems relatively unremarkable, she's just suffering from Parasomnias. However, The Counsellor notices that Noone's nightmares aren't like any he's heard before..

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Chapter 2

A Penance at the Bathhouse



As Noone recounts her dream of a tainted Bathhouse, the Counsellor tries to unearth details about the mysterious figure from her nightmares. The one Noone calls, "The Candleman".

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Embark on Little Nightmares III





Follow the journey of Low & Alone, as they search for a path that could lead them out of the Nowhere.

The two friends will have to work together to survive in a dangerous world full of delusions and escape the grasp of an even greater threat lurking in the shadows.


For the first time in the franchise, face your childhood fears together with a friend in online co-op, or in solo with an AI companion.

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