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Thanks for joining this Closed Beta Test for DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.


You will play an in-development version of the game, in which you can expect bugs and glitches.

Feedbacks from this Closed Beta Test is planned to be integrated in the final game, expected to be released next year.


DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, developed by Dimps, that pits seven Survivors, regular civilians trapped in a Temporal Seam against a Raider, one of the famous rivals from the DRAGON BALL universe. The Survivors will have to team-up in order to be able to escape their foe and come back to the safety of their world and timeline.

The game shares the same universe as DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE and saves from DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 will be linkable once DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS is released.


The Closed Beta test will be held on PC, at the following times:

  • Session 1: December 4th (Sat) 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM CET
  • Session 2: December 4th (Sat) 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET
  • Session 3: December 4th (Sat) 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM CET
  • Session 4: December 5th (Sun) 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM CET


While the Closed Beta Test will be happening on PC, the game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, with compatibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, in 2022.



  • Controls
    • Survivor Normal
    • Survivor Dragon Change
    • Raider
  • Game Area
  • Gameplay Objectives
    • Raider
    • Survivors
  • Matchmaking




This game is best played with a controller, here are the controls for Survivors and Raiders:


Survivor Normal

control survivor


Survivor Dragon Change

control survivor



control survivor




The level available in the Closed Beta Test is the Cell map, which is made of 6 areas. When a Raider evolves, it has the opportunity to destroy an area, making the map smaller as time passes.

game area




The game pits seven Survivors against a Raider. Players can decide if they would prefer to be a Raider or a Survivor.




The Raider’s objective is to prevent the Survivors from escaping the map, and there are several ways to do so:


  • Eliminating all the survivors

If a Raider eliminates all the survivors, it will be a complete victory. However, the Raider doesn’t have to defeat all the players to win.


  • Destroying the Time Machines

If a Raider destroys the Startup System, the Super Time Machine becomes unusable. However it doesn’t mean victory yet. The Raider will have to destroy an Escape Time Machine to seal its victory. A higher number of points are rewarded depending on the number of Survivors eliminated.


  • Evolution

Raiders will evolve throughout the game. Cell for example will start as a larva and will need to raise his evolution gauge to reach its 1st form, 2nd form and Perfect Form by defeating and absorbing Survivors and Civilians NPC.

With each evolution, the Raider gains more power and new skills become available.


Raiders have Active and Passive Skills to help them in battle.

  • Active and Passive Skills
    • Active skills have no effect until activated. They can range from being able to detect Survivors with the Ki Detection, to powerful skills to be able to fight and defeat them.
    • Passive skills are always active during battle with a continuous effect. They vary depending on the Raider played.
  • Ultimate Special Attack : It can be used in the final form of each Raider, and is a very powerful attack that can change the course of the game. Cell for example can use the Perfect Kamehameha, which hits everything in a straight line. 





The goal of the Survivors is to escape the Temporal Seam while avoiding the Raider. There are several ways to achieve this goal


  • How to escape?

Survivors can escape from the battlefield by activating the Super Time Machine. In order to activate the Super Time Machine, they must protect the Startup System, which appears in the middle of the map, for a certain amount of time. If Survivors are able to defend the Startup System until the activation is complete, the power of the Super Time Machine will fix the Temporal Seam and allow them to escape from the battlefield.


  • Power Keys & Startup System

In order for the Startup System to appear, Survivors must first set the Power Keys. There is one Power Key hidden in each of the 6 areas, Survivors must find and place it in a specific location. If all Power Keys are set, then the Startup System, will appear. Survivors will need to activate the Startup System until it calls out the Super Time Machine. The more power keys are set, the less time it will take to defend the Startup System. When an area is destroyed after the Power Keys has been set, it doesn’t alter their function. However if the key of a destroyed area hasn’t been set, this will reduce the number of Power Keys, making the Startup System longer to activate.


  • Super Time Machine and Escape Time Machine

Once the Startup System is activated, Survivors can escape from the field by using the Super Time Machine. If the Startup System is destroyed, Survivors will not be able to activate the Super Time Machine... BUT the game will not be over yet! Beacons will appear on the map to call out the Escape Time Machine and each player will have to try escaping. However, only one Escape Time Machine can be called out at a time on the map. This Escape Time Machine can be used  to  escape  either  alone  or  with  other  Survivors.  If an Escape Time  Machine is destroyed, it cannot be called again.

If Survivors fail to escape or the time limit expires, it’s Game Over for them.

time machinetime machinetime machine


  • Transpheres and Dragon Change

Survivors can equip up to three Transpheres, which contain the souls of Super Warriors. Dragon Change allows the Survivors to temporarily acquire abilities a super warrior would have.

This ability can be activated by collecting a given amount of Change Power in the map thus giving the power of a super warrior to a Survivor.

Even if Dragon Change can help, Raiders will still overpower Survivors even in this form, making the technique only a temporary countermeasure. Transpheres can be set with 3 different levels, the higher the level, the higher the power of the super warrior will be, but more Change Power will be consumed in order to activate the skill.

This skill needs to be used strategically to make the most out of it.


change power

control survivor


  • Skills and Items

    Items can be found while looting the Time Patroller emergency supply boxes scattered around the map.

    • Active Skills can be used to help Survivors stay alive in a very hostile environment. For example the Saiyan Pod Remote can be used to board a pod and land anywhere on the map, though it takes time to call and can injure you if you’re standing on the landing point. Other skills, such as Change let Survivors transform into a random object trying to avoid Raider, or Solar Flare that temporary blinds the Raider, giving Survivors an opportunity to escape a tricky situation.
    • Various items can be found around the map, each with various uses. Weapons can be used to directly shoot the Raider, vehicles help players moving quicker on the map and radars help to find items such as Power Keys. These are three examples among many others.


control survivor


control survivor


control survivor



  • Dragon Balls

    Among the many items to help Survivors escape, Dragon Balls can be found while exploring.

    However, Raiders can also summon and wish to Shenron, wishing either to be healed or to raise their evolution level by one.

    Once the 7 Dragon Balls have been found and placed on Shenron’s Altar, the legendary dragon can be summoned, granting a wish to Survivors. The wish can be to either raise the Dragon Change power of the survivor who is making the wish to level 4, or raise the power of all allies. The level 4 Dragon Change (also called Ultimate Dragon Change) can only be obtained by summoning Shenron, and gives a power that matches the final form of a Raider.

control survivor


control survivor


  • Cooperation

    In order to succeed, Survivors will have to cooperate to raise their chances of success. There are several elements to help doing so

    • Rescue – Survivors can rescue their downed allies in order to avoid them being defeated or worst, absorbed.
    • Signal feature – This feature can be used to let other Survivors crucial info like Power Keys setup devices or Raider’s location.
    • Startup System – This is a key moment to use all the skills, cooperation and countermeasures available to ensure the activation of the Super Time Machine and success in the Survivors’ ranks.



Matching with your friends using Room Key


  • Share the Room Key Number: Share the Room Key Number upper right of the screen to who you want to invite.

control survivor


  • Enter the Room Key Number: Click “Room Menu” Button on Matching screen, then Click “Room Change (Key Enter)”, and enter the Room Key Number shared with you.

control survivor


  • Matching: After confirming all of your friends have entered the Room, start Matching, pressing Y button

control survivor


  • Start normal Matching: the rest of the slots will be filled by random people




DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (Compatible), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (Compatible), Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022!


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