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DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS - Items and Strategies Guide to Survival

The Picture below is from the Training Mode of the game. This game mode allows you to try each item in the game.


Here is the Display of the items:




All the items below can be found in some of items can be bought from the vending machines using Zeni.


Depending on the items you find, consider changing your role as Survivor accordingly. For example, if you have found several cooldown drinks and Change Power, consider saving all of them for when the startup system appears in order to keep the Raider busy for long periods of time. If you have found Power Key Radar at an early stage, focus on finding and setting Power Keys instead!


Below will cover every item in detail and the recommended usage.







The Barrier Recovery Device is a very useful tool in early game because it can save you from being the first victim of the Raider. Using this item will replenish your barrier, which prevents the Raider from defeating you in one hit.   Whenever you have a red ring around the Survivor, you will be defeated by the next attack from Raider. Always use the Barrier Recovery Device whenever you see this ring.






Next up you will learn about the Senzu Beans, and it has two applications: you could either use this to instantly revive a teammate or recover yourself when you are down. A quick advice would be not to use Senzu Beans right after you are down from Raider’s attack. Wait a moment until the Raider is not near you.







There are two different versions of the rocket launcher, the regular one with one shot and the golden launcher with three shots. This item is great at distracting the Raider to run away or support the battle of another Survivor. Preserve your rocket launcher to save your teammates or protect the Startup System.







These gloves allow you to fire a Galick Gun without the need to Dragon Change and it does damage to the Raiders health.






For this item there are two different versions as well: the regular cooldown drink and the super cooldown drink.  By drinking, you can shorten the cooldown time until you can transform again through Dragon Change. Super cooldown drink can shorten the cooldown period more than the regular cooldown drink.



There are different types of radars, which can guide you towards different items:


  • Dragon Ball Radar: indicates you where the Dragon Balls are.




  • Civilian Radar:  which helps you find civilians.




  • Power Key Radar:  indicates you where the Power Keys are.




Every Radar has three levels: the higher the Radar level, the wider you can scan. Every time you find a new type of Radar, your current Radar will be upgraded. For example, if you get a Power Key Radar and a Civilian Radar they will combine, and you will now see the Civilians and the Power Keys on your Radar.  do not take inventory space and can be accessed even while you are riding a vehicle.


The Radars have different levels meaning that the higher the level gets the larger the detection radius of the Radar is. Blue is the lowest level; Purple is the second level and gold is the highest level.


When you start the game, the Radars can be a nice conductive line and can be game changers, especially the Power Key radar. Having an easier time finding the keys will save you a lot of time and will most probably accelerate the appearance of the startup system.







Walking around the map you might find vehicules such as the motorbikes: they can be useful because it  moves faster than your normal speed. Other than allowing for a faster escape when needed, in general you will be able to search the field in less time, meaning you can also gather more resources. Movement is key in DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.






Yajirobe’s Katana has been added from Season 2 of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS. This item only spawns when the Raider is the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. By using this Katana, you can add massive damage against the Great Ape, which is the final transformation of Vegeta.





For Survivors there are a few strategies that you should keep in mind while playing. First, the value of each item changes with the state of the game.


For example, if your Dragon Change level is 0 or 1 when Power Keys are nearly all set, the Rocket Launcher or Vegeta’s Gloves are more useful because you can attack the Raider from a distance. Likewise, having Senzu Beans to revive downed teammates in the middle of the fight with the Raider can be disruptive sometimes. In short, adopt a useful role for your team based on the items you have gathered.      


Before deciding to fight the Raider, always take a moment to compare your Dragon Change level with Raider’s evolution level. For example, if your Dragon Change level is lower and there are no allies around, keep a low profile!


In addition, take all the Energy Power you find and save as many NPC civilians as possible because they also give you Change Power. Also remember that Raider needs to defeat NPC civilians in order to evolve, so if you save them first, then you would be able to delay the Raider’s evolution.


When the Raider is chasing you, you may want to escape towards your teammates because it can also result in a double knockout since the Raider is extremely strong. Based on your condition, you should try to lure the Raider in a direction where there is no one around.



DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC


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