DRAGON BALL : THE BREAKERS - An interview with the game's producer

Recently we had the chance to meet with the producer of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Ryosuke Hara, to ask him some questions about this newly announced title in the Dragon Ball universe. We are pleased to share his replies to have more details about the game! 


  1. What is the plot behind the game?  

The protagonists are ordinary civilians, who are suddenly caught in a temporal phenomenon. These civilians find themselves in what’s called a Temporal Seam, a world with time and places mixed together. Unlike the famous heroes from Dragon Ball, these “Survivors” don’t own superhuman powers, but several countermeasures are prepared by the Time Patrollers, an organization well known from the Xenoverse Series. With the help from the Time Patrollers, the Survivors must find a way to put a stop to the famous Dragon Ball villains, and make an escape from the Temporal Seam. 


  1. What makes DBTB a unique Dragon Ball game, in the context of other Dragon Ball games?  

The biggest difference from other Dragon Ball games is the fact that users will mainly be playing as either “Survivors”, normal civilians with no super power, or “Raiders” famous villains from the Dragon Ball world. While most Dragon Ball games feature fights between characters which both have extreme power, DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS will shed light on the great power difference between Super Villains and normal human beings. 

This is shown regularly in the original works of Dragon Ball, but this is the first time players will be able to experience the aspect with their own hands. 


  1. What can we expect in the future to come?  

There’s little that we can reveal at the moment, but we hope to continue listening to user feedback and improving the game prior and post release. What I can already say is that users can expect regular updates after the game release. 


  1. What makes DBTB unique compared to existing asymmetrical survival games?  

Maybe this goes without saying, but I believe that the different elements from Dragon Ball is what truly makes this game unique, both from the perspective of Raiders and Survivors. 


Focusing first on the Raider, the fact that they transform during the match is quite a unique feature. Every time they transform, not only do their power level increase, but their skills change as well. So different strategies will be required both for the Raider and Survivor depending on each Transformation Level. Also every time the Raider transforms into their next form, they are given the privilege to destroy an area, putting Survivors in a much more severe situation as the match goes on.  


As for the Survivors, every countermeasure that they have against the Raiders are featured elements from the Dragon Ball Universe. For example, Oolong’s “Change” skill and items like the “Saiyan Pod Remote” are iconic elements from Dragon Ball that also give the game a unique charm. A very unique point about this game is also that Survivors are not the “canon” Dragon Ball Hero, they are ordinary citizens who must fight with all their energies to survive a threat too big to face alone. We thought that shining a light on these kind of characters would provide a never seen before point of view in the Dragon Ball universe. 



  1. Will it have single player mode?  

We will have a Tutorial Mode which explains the plot of the game and basic controls, but the game will mainly focusing on Online Multiplayer. For a game like Dragon Ball : The Breakers, having a vast player base is the main ingredient to create an online environment that is reliable, active and enjoyable. This emphasis on Multiplayer is also the reason why we consider the price of the base game to be certainly much lower than 69.99 euros.  



  1. Will the game feature Goku and the other Z warriors?  

Players playing as Survivors will be able to borrow the power of Goku and other Z Warriors through the Transpheres, but will not be playing as the characters themselves. As an exception, when the Survivors use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and have their wish granted, they will be able to go up against the Raider with a power equal to Goku’s and other Z Warriors.  


  1. Who are “The Breakers”?  

“The Breakers” is referring to the Survivors. In hopes that players will work together to break the desperate situation that they are put in against the Raiders. 

However, if users would like to interpret that “the Breakers” refer to the Raiders, as they also “break” down the world, that works too. 



  1. What other elements can we expect to see from the Dragon Ball universe?  

There are already several elements from the Dragon Ball universe that can be found in the game. But one thing that I believe is quite unique compared to previous Dragon Ball games, is the fact users will be able to also play as iconic Dragon Ball characters without super human strength (such as Oolong and Bulma). 


  1. What kind of feedbacks are you looking for with Closed Beta? 

We encourage every feedback that can help us build a welcoming and fun experience for our players! For us, this Closed beta will be a development tool to understand what Dragon Ball: The Breakers needs to improve on or needs to further build upon in order to create a gameplay experience that all Dragon Ball fans will truly enjoy. 


  1. Is the game compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X?  

Yes, the game can also be played on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series S/X, but currently there are no plans on releasing a PS5/XS/SX upgraded version.


Release Date:

Break Through or Break Down

Xbox One