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DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS - Cooperating with your teammates

In this article we will cover a topic related to the core of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS the Cooperation with your teammates. As a Survivor, it is essential to play with the intent of helping your teammates and to coordinate with the other six Survivors. There are several ways to do so, which we will cover in this article.






First, In DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS, there is a quick chat feature that allows you to communicate with your teammates using pre-set messages. This is useful to use as it will help the other Survivors to work in synergy to win the game. Using the pre-set messages such as “let’s fight” or “We need to escape”,helps to communicate your intentions to your teammates, so that they can decide their best course of action. Try to use the quick chat lines to be communicative and utilize this feature often, so that you can keep other Survivors informed about your intentions.


You can also ping items you find on your way. For example, if you already have a​​​​​​​ recovery shield device and you find another one, you can ping it and someone will come and pick it up later.




Next, you should always try to know where the Raider is and keep your teammates informed as much as you can. Just looking at the Raider automatically pings it, so it gives the information to your other teammates. Just be careful not to be spotted and pay attention to the sound of the Raider flying, or even just its footsteps. in the early stage of the game the goal of the Survivor is to hide from the Raider,​​​​​​​ so ​​​​​​​try to take cover behind objects like walls, trees, or pillars (or even underwater!) to avoid getting spotted. Solid objects can also provide you with cover, protecting you from some attacks.




At some point in the game, you might have to fight the Raider with other Survivors at your side. Keep in mind that usually one of the Survivors should be engaged in a melee attack the Raider: this means that the other Survivors can complement this with ​​​​​​​Super Attacks or Ki-Blasts.If you succeed to combo your super attacks with other players, the Raider can be stalled for much longer. Pay attention to the “Knockback Gauge”: the Raider won’t get knocked back until the gauge runs out, which happens after receiving certain number of attacks from the Survivors.








Remember it is not all about fighting: to help your teammates in​​​​​​​ DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS , sometimes you will have to simply distract the Raider while your team achieves the objectives (setting up a power key, activating the Startup System…).


There are many usable skills that are perfect to distract the Raider and to make it waste time and lose focus.


For example, if one of your teammates or you is targeted by the Raider, you can use three active skills that will remove the lock-on of the Raider: Fake Death, Smoke Bomb and Oolong’s Change (camouflage)




While defeating the Raider will win the game for Survivors, it is a very challenging objective and should not be considered the preferred option to win.


Before attacking the Raider, bear in mind its attacks and abilities. Observe and attack it when you think it’s best, such as when it is focusing on something else. Do not try to melee attack the Raider while you’re at a lower level of Dragon Change because the Raider will defeat you very easily. The Ki-Blasts and Super Attacks deal damage to the Raider whatever your Dragon Change level is, but do not expect strong results if the Raider has a higher level than you. In addition, dodging can reduce damage taken and give you an opportunity to counterattack.




We advise you to practice using your skills in Practice mode to experiment with which skill suits to your gameplay. Once you master them, the Raider will need much more effort to get you.




To conclude, keep in mind the most important aspects of​​​​​​​ DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS: Cooperate, communicate, share information with your teammates. Take initiatives and responsibility to be a driving force in your team! Adapt to each situation, be flexible. Finally, stay positive, don’t give up and try to help your teammates in any way because it will lead to victory.



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