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DIGIMON WORLD: NEXT ORDER launches today on Nintendo Switch and PC

Leading video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S releases today DIGIMON WORLD: NEXT ORDER on Nintendo Switch and PC.


DIGIMON WORLD: NEXT ORDER is a monster-collecting RPG in which the Digital World has been put under complete chaos. Players embody a Digidestined, who, after the spread of a virus turning Digimon into Machinedramon, has to stop the infection from destroying the world.


Along two Digimon companions, players can find and recruit among over 200 Digimon that they will have to feed, train, and form a bond with, for them to Digivolve. The game offers a balanced experienced with training, exploring, managing and fighting.


The town of Floatia serves as a hub developed by the players, in which Digimon can become town residents. Players can upgrade buildings, grow crops and develop the city into a sprawling metropolis.


The release of DIGIMON WORLD: NEXT ORDER on Nintendo Switch and on PC offers players two additional features.


Newcomers can now pick the “Beginner Mode” to experience the adventure with a lower level of difficulty, and Digidestined now have the ability to run, making the player’s exploration smoother, especially on large field maps.


DIGIMON WORLD: NEXT ORDER is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.


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The Digital World needs your help. Explore and traverse an exciting universe with two Digimon partners and bond with them during this epic journey!