Code Vein - Opening animation unveiling

Hello, everyone. I'm Iizuka, the producer of Code Vein.


Recently, we unveiled Code Vein's animated opening sequence. Have you had the chance to see it yet? If you haven't, you can view it here. Please check it out.


The opening scene's animation was produced by ufotable. Their extremely high-quality animation depicts the undead Revenants as they fight to survive in a ruined and ravaged world. The opening theme "Underworld," by Vamps, adds to the heavy and sinister atmosphere.


Mr. Suhara of ufotable, who handled the opening sequence's storyboarding and directing, shared this comment with us:


Code Vein's Opening Animation


The characters of Code Vein were among the most complex and detailed of any characters ever animated by ufotable. However, since they embody the game's post-apocalyptic and gothic worldview, we couldn't take the easy way out. Our staff came together to work toward a seamless look across the game design and animation.

The animated worldview of Code Vein is composed of meticulously and soulfully drawn characters and artistically rendered backgrounds. We hope you enjoy it.


Storyboards & Directing

Takashi Suhara



ufotable put an amazing amount of work into the depiction of the Blood Veils, a defining characteristic of the Revenants in this game, so please don't miss it.

They provided several original illustrations of the Blood Veil scenes. We're happy to share them with you as a special treat!

[Original drawing: Mia]

Code Vein - Mia


[Original drawing: Yakumo]

Code Vein - Yakumo


[Image: Yakumo Blood Veil deployed]

Code Vein - Yakumo Blood Veil deployed

In addition to the Blood Veils, we also have cuts hinting at key story elements:

[Image: Louis shouting]

Code Vein - Louis shouting


[Image: Cruz]

Code Vein - Cruz


[Image: Jack vs. protagonist]

Code Vein - Jack vs protagonist


[Image: Io]

Code Vein - Io

What fates await the protagonist and the various characters?

We hope you are looking forward to the game's release.


Goodbye for now.


Release Date:

Team up and embark on a journey to the ends of hell to unlock your past and escape your living nightmare in CODE VEIN.

Xbox One

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