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Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions - New goalkeeper info and a BIG surprise

Hi New Champions!


Today we wanted to look a bit further into goalkeepers and their respective and specific skills who make them unique and special with each other! If you’re a hard reader, you will also find out new exclusive screenshots of each of goalkeepers described but also a BIG surprise of what’s coming VERY soon in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. But, let me guess? You’re gonna go straight away to this part…


Let’s recap quickly uniqueness of goalkeepers in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. (We’ve not focused on all goalkeepers but most and main of them).


Get ready to add them to your Dream team to defeat your opponents!

We’ll reveal further details within very soon, stay tuned!

Written by Coach at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe


The Guardians of goal meet up!

The ability of GK would be different by their skills :

JP National Players

GK Ken Wakashimazu (Skill:Acrobat Save)

On making a save when the shot is not head-on , it would be easier for him to save an opponent’ ball.



GK Yuzo Morisaki (Skill:Amazing Effort)

When remaining Spirit is 20% or lower, his saves have a fixed chance of success.



GK Genzo Wakabayashi(Skill:SGGK)

When receiving a shot from outside the penalty box, opponents' shots become easier to defend by him.



Oversea Players

GK Keizinho(Skill: Rhythmic Save)

Opponents' shots become easier to defend for every save he make.


GK Zino Hernandez(Skill:Perfect GK)

Decrease the chance of your ball being deflected.


GK Deuter Muller(Skill:Steel Giant)

It would be much easier for him to parry shoots, when his spirit remains more than 50%.


GK Cheikh Azwan (Skill:Taunting Guardian)

When opponents are in the penalty box, Lower the opponent's all stat a lot.


① GKs have their own features. Let’s get a clue for triumph by figuring out their capability! First, we will explain the Japanese national GK players. They will be your teammate in Ep.NH, so let’s get a grip on their capability.

② Yuzo Morisaki
Sometimes he faces hard time because of his feature of skill.
Let’s put a lot of energy to win with killer technique.

③Genzo Wakabayashi
You cannot get goal by shooting out side of the penalty area.
Try shooting inside of the penalty area!

④ Ken Wakashimazu
GK who is good at saving the shoot from right and left.
To get a point, let’s shoot from the front of him.

⑤The Jr-Youth GK in oversea.
The GKs you will fight in JYWC. It will be harder to compete them so make sure you’re prepared for it.

It will be better to lose his gauge by Super Move than shooting many times.

⑦Deuter Muller
His saving rate will differ by his remaining quantity of the spirit. Just keep shooting!

⑧ Zino Hernandez
If the Captain Skill is activated, he will fight back at once. Stay on the offensive!

⑨Cheikh Azwan
When you enter the area, you will be weakened. Let’s go for a long shot.


And now the time has come, for the BIG surprise! We are very excited to reveal for the very first time, the three next characters joining the team in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, in early December: Stefan Levin(MF), Singprasert Bunnaak(DF)and Ricardo Espadas(GK).


① Stefan Levin
Move: Aurora Feint
The Swedish Honorary MF player. He plays all-round.
Aurora Feint is the dribble move which increases technique value when breaking through an opponent.

② Ricardo Espadas
Move and Skill: Miracle Keeper/ Trick Shot
The GK of Mexico Jr-Youth. He will also join the offense!!
He has many counter skills and also can turn into offense by increasing the status.

③ Singprasert Bunaak
Move: Muay Thai Dribble/ Toughness Block
The DF of Thai Jr-Youth. He uses skills which adopted Muay Thai.
He is a powerful DF who can decrease opponents’ ability level by powerful tackle and block.


Get the new 3 players and build into your Dream Team!

Stefan Levin(MF)

MF of Sweden. He is a game maker and has a certain technic and speed. He tosses about the opponent player with his quick movement.




Singprasert Bunnaak(DF)

DF of the Thai Jr-Youth. He focuses on fighting and says “Soccer is a martial art”.
He has tough body which trained by muay-thai, and doesn’t hesitate to give damage to opponents.




Ricardo Espadas(GK)

GK of Mexico Jr-Youth.
He has a small stature as a GK but catch shots with quick movement.
He is also confident as a field player.

Miracle Keeper



Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.