Tekken 8 Patch Notes 1.03.02 Patch Notes
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TEKKEN 8 - Patch Notes 1.03.02

Fighters, patch 1.03.02 will be coming on April 16th, 2024!
This update focuses on feature improvements, bug fixes and balance changes for some character moves, and also brings new items to the TEKKEN Shop.





Date and Time of Update

[PDT] April 15th (Monday) 19:00

[UTC] April 16th (Tuesday) 2:00

[JST] April 16th (Tuesday) 11:00


Server Maintenance Schedule

[PDT] April 15th (Monday) 18:30 - 24:00

[UTC] April 16th (Tuesday) 1:30 - 07:00

[JST] April 16th (Tuesday) 10:30 - 16:00

* During server maintenance, all online content will not be accessible.


Update Contents

  • Feature improvements and bug fixes
  • Properties and/or behavior for select moves of select characters were adjusted./li>
  • New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP - Avatar skins (7 characters)


Functional improvements, Bug fixes.

  • The starting rank for the playable character "EDDY GORDO" in online modes will be matched with existing characters.
  • In addition, several other feature improvements & bug fixes have been made.


Behavior/properties of moves will be adjusted for some characters:

tekken 8 patch notes 1.03.02

See full Patch Notes


Scope of Update

The application of the update data will result in the following impact on each mode and feature.

  • “DOWNLOADED REPLAYS”, ”MY REPLAY & TIPS”: Replay data from before the update will be unavailable for playback.
  • “ONLINE REPLAY”: Replay data from before the update will be deleted.
  • “SUPER GHOST BATTLE”, ”GHOST MATCH”: Character behavior and move properties will reflect that of the post-update state.


We hope you’ll continue to enjoy TEKKEN 8!


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